By its very nature, stress is a deadly snake that keeps showing different effects of its poison. It can take a serious toll on your health such as weakening your cardiovascular system. It can also chip in insomnia, leaving you inactive, agitated, and unproductive the next day. Not to mention, stress can culminate in depression.

Recent research has more to add to these dreadful effects of stress. A study published in the journal Neurology notes that stress can reduce your memory. Considering the stress gifted by the daily hustle bustle of life, this is bad news for lots of us.

The research examined the MRIs of middle-aged participants and found an association between higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone and lessened total cerebral brain volume in the occipital and frontal brain lobes.

As per the study, when participants were stressed and asked to participate in cognitive memory tests, they showed slightly poor results than the placebo group. For instance, in one of the cognitive memory test of repeating a story after 20-minutes of break, researchers noted slightly poor performance.

This indicated the negative impact of stress on the memory. Sudha Seshadri, MD, DM, and the study’s author added more to the explanation. Seshadri highlighted, “In our quest to understand cognitive aging, one of the factors attracting significant interest and concern is the increasing stress of modern life.”

He added, “We know in animals that stress can lead to cognitive decline. In this study, higher morning cortisol levels in a large sample of people were associated with worse brain structure and cognition.”

Research seeing the connection between stress and poor memory is still in its preliminary stages though. There are more studies needed to establish a stronger correlation between the two factors. Irrespective of that, it is essential for you to de-stress and relax. You don’t want to plant seeds of any of the other negative health consequences of stress.