If you think that January has blessed you with several spring collections that are worthy of your cash, think again. Because another gorgeous collection has just dropped. And it is worth getting over the moon with all the excitement. So what do we have? We have the amazing NARS Spring 2018 Color Collection to blow the wow out of you.

Before we launch into the deets though, here is a heads up for all. The NARS Spring 2018 Color Collection is a limited edition so you will have to be lightning fast in getting any or every item you are interested in.

So let’s get straight to the point now. In the spring collection by NARS, we have makeup targeted for your lips, eyes, and cheeks.That makes it pretty much a vast collection having several makeup essentials. Breaking it up, we have:

  1. Velvet Shadow Stick

The Velvet Shadow Stick comes in two pretty colors. It is an easy glide formula for your eyelids that can be worn solo or paired with a powder shadow. Each stick is priced at $29.

The colors available are Galics and Frioul. Galice is a soft pewter shade. The latter is a shimmery peacock hue. You have metallic finishes to both these velvet sticks.

  1. Liquid Blush

May a day never come when we say no to a blush. Lovingly, the NARS Spring 2018 Color Collection has one for you. The liquid blush comes for $30 and it takes your cheeks to an infinite level of beautiful.

The color is a shimmering brick red that is called Hot Tin Roof. The blush blends perfectly. It is finely pigmented so that you don’t need to swap large amounts of the blush on your cheeks. It contains moisture too, boasts a lasting color, and giving a lasting glow.

  1. Lip Cover

The Spring it on Spring Color Collection would have been incomplete with a lip gloss. So you have a creamy one at your service. The lip color pairs together brilliant color saturation with softness on your lips so that you look picture perfect with the gloss on.

The intense formula packs a smooth texture and is infused with Passion Fruit Seed Oil and Vitamin E. These help to moisturize as well as protect skin from free radicals and pollution. Moreover, the gloss gives you a luminous finish.

The lip gloss’s rich luster is up for grabs in four shades. These are called Embrasse Moi, Hell Gate, Under Arrest, and Summer Fire. The first is a shimmery peachy-pink and the last is a pink mauve. In between, we have Hell Gate that is a black cherry shade and Under Arrest that is a peace beige hue.

The formula also exhibits other features of lightweight and non-sticky texture. Top this up with a brilliant packaging and you will be head over heels in love with the lip covers. The packaging is an ultra-elegant tube of matte black with the color indicated at the neck of the tube.

  1. Highlighting Blush

The NARS Spring 2018 Color Collection packs the liquid blush with a highlighting blush too. Just the perfect recipe to make women go oh-la-la. The blush is marked at a price of $30 and comes in the color called Free Soul. This a light pink that is shimmery.

The highlighting blush features a cool powder that will give you a pearly radiance. The sheer formula is satiny and easily buildable. This makes application easy as the powder melts flawlessly into your complexion to give you’re an enhance skin tone that speaks volumes of a healthy glow.

The limited collection is available today on the NARS website. It will be present in stores on February 1.