The entire base of your makeup stands on a foundation. So you can only imagine the outcome of your look and hard work if the foundation is not good enough to support the rest of the makeup. This isn’t rocket science though. The challenging factor surfaces when a person looks for a natural foundation. Instead of looking around or quizzing if you have the right bottle of foundation or not, just brace yourself for the launch of the NARS New Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.

The formula of the NARS New Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is designed to improve your skin with each passing hour. Thus, this long wear foundation isn’t harmful at all. In fact, it works anti-parallel to side effects by improving your skin. This is, particularly, attributed to the blend of natural extracts packed in this foundation. A trio of apple, watermelon, and raspberry extracts in this formula work to enhance the skin texture.

The foundation is the best that you have ever laid your eyes on and the best that your skin has tasted yet. It is a transfer and sweat resistance formula that also bears the feature of resistance to oxidization. Moreover, the foundation lasts for straight 16 hours. All these amazing qualities speak volumes about the long-lasting look that you will be able to carry with the use of this makeup staple.

Other brilliant features that you need to be aware of are the non-cakey and non-drying texture of the foundation. The NARS New Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is also blessed with the quality of medium to full buildable coverage. That said, there are 33 shades to choose from so that no lass feels left out.

The foundation is priced at $49. It will be up for grabs on the 14th December at the narcissist online store, on the 26th December online at Sephora and on 4th January online at Ulta Beauty. The next day, 5th January will see the product at Sephora stores.