June 26, 2022

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Myth: Complex development due to inexperience of playground games | Xbox One

It’s been more than 5 years since Playground Games Studio was created Myth, Is a topic that Xbox gamers are eagerly awaiting. With the exception of a few key recruits, very little information has been shared by British Studio so far.Rare is a former developer And d ‘Game Designer of the CD Project. Nevertheless, the studio faces some difficulties in the development of this new myth.

Inexperience and difficult adaptation to the original creators of Forza Horizon

It really emanates from the developer. Playground Games is a studio created in 2010 by industry players who specialize in car games and open-world games. This is the epic Forza Horizon Handed over to them, it has been their only major production for 12 years. Taking the fable project has changed many things in the studio and the adaptation will be harder than expected.

It is clear that creating an imaginary universe in the form of an open world racing game and RPG is not uncommon, and this explains the slow progress of development according to designer Juan Fernandez, who worked for some time on the myth within the playing field. Games.

“Playground Games is a very organized and production oriented studio. Every two years they release a Forza Horizon that is over 90 on Metacritic, with incredible quality. They have been taking over and dominating racing games for the past few years. They are very smart and know what they are doing. They wanted to get something different and they thought they were the best in open world racing games but they had no knowledge of how the game is done. In an open world, the way and actions of controlling a character can be very different from what you see in a racing game. At the technical level, you have to create animations, scripts, search engine. Traveling by car at a speed of 300 km per hectare is very different from driving in rural areas. ⁇

Fernandez also talks about the specific work ethic of playground games: “Doing less and doing more”. Logical and proven functionality in a formula like Forza Horizon, but shows its limitations when creating a new game of a completely different genre.

“Action RPG Open Worlds are incredibly complex and take a lot of time to create. [Assassin’s Creed] In 7 more years they will fable at 5. Being ambitious is good, but you also have to be realistic, which is what I saw [le développement] It went on and on. ⁇

This enriching testimony provides many answers to the questions asked by players waiting for new information about the Fable program. Juan Fernandez is optimistic because, according to him, the recent recruitment of playgrounds will only be conducive to progress.

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