Myka Stauffer: The Latest Victim of Internet Backlash

Every other day, the internet warriors have a new war to fight. Just Yesterday, it was Jimmy Fallon, who came under the radar due to his racist skit that he was a part of some years ago. All over the internet, people were either defending him or taking him to the closet. Today, it is Myka Stauffer, the famous YouTube who is being bashed. She, however, has a very different reason behind the backlash. She gave up her adopted son, and it didn’t go well with her viewers.

Background of Myka Stauffer’s channel:

Myka Stauffer, along with her husband, rose to the fame when their regular Youtube videos about raising an Autistic child got appreciated. People all over the World loved the couple’s dedication that they showed in their videos. This autistic child was adopted, which the couple had adopted a few years back from China. However, now the couple decided to give the child to another family. As soon as the famous You-tuber announced it in one of her interviews, she was criticized heavily left, right and center. James, Myka Stauffer’s husband, is a video producer. Ever since the couple had adopted the kid, they had been posting regular videos about the difficulties that people with autistic kids have to go through.

YouTube videos and their sponsorship deals:

The videos got a lot of reviews, and generated expansive revenue for the couple. A lot of sponsorship deals came their way, which made it easier for them to produce more videos. This is the reason why a lot of comments under the YouTube videos often accused the couple for milking the autistic condition of the kid in their favor. They were criticized for generating profit at the cost of their kid’s health. However, when, for a very long period of time, the couple did not make any video with the kid, a lot of fan asked about the reason behind his absence. This was when they revealed in an online video that they had given him to another family.

Why did the couple decide this?

The reason that the couple gave for putting their kid for another adoption is that he had made it difficult for them to raise their other four children.

The concealment of fact by the previous agency:

While discussing the new adoption system in the video, the couple said that a proper adoption agency was hired in order to make the process easier. Ac coding to them, when they had adopted the kid first, they were not given a proper explanation of the kid’s health. Therefore, it got quite tough for the couple to manage with his medical issues. Myka Stauffer was in tears while discussing about her ex-son’s conditions, while her husband also  looked visibly disturbed.

Reaction of the fans:

Where a lot of people appreciated them for their honestly, many of them criticized them for taking this decision. They said that it was their responsibility to have taken good care of the kid. They also blame the couple for using the kid’s medical condition for their YouTube videos’ popularity generation.