If you thought that denim jeans could ever walk out of your closet and make a place for themselves in the trash, then you are happily mistaken. Be it ripped jeans, skinny jeans, cropped jeans, boyfriend jeans or mom jeans, denim is only walking out of your house occupying a proud place on your body, to impress everyone you come across.

Khaki pants, or any fabric, material, whatever, there is basically nothing that can replace denim. Sure, this year’s beginning made it seem like denim jeans would finally make their way out of our closets, hearts, and houses, but fortunately, that never happened. Whether you are heading out with jeans paired with trainers and a tee or with a loose breezy blouse and platform heels, denim would just be there, irreplaceable.

The Hadid sisters, the Kardashians and every other “It” girl of the fashion community has time and again proven that the denim jeans trend is not just a trend but a staple. Because trends come and go, but denim jeans came here to stay. Permanently. This year we saw several denim trends including the oh-so-lovely embroidery on jeans trend. There was a no-no jeans trend as well recently involving jeans ripped so badly, only the seams were left. (Think Thong Jeans)

Here are a few denim fashion trends that you must follow. Because you’re about to see them everywhere! (You probably already have) And, oh, these are celebrity-approved.

Embellished jeans

Why keep it plain when you can jazz it up? Apart from the floral embroidery trend, another jeans trend that has weaved its way into people’s hearts and closets is the trend of pearl encrusted denim jeans. You can get a fabulous pair on Zara. Denim has more trends to offer too, check out What To Wear to know.

Wide Rimmed Cropped Jeans

Nothing like classy vintage vibes to make a statement. This year the one brand that has taken over when it comes to jeans, is Re/Done. Not only are these jeans chic but they are perfect for every occasion. Going out for a date? Pair your wide-rimmed cropped jeans with an off-the-shoulder shirt. Heading out with friends? Again, these denim jeans would look perfect with a white tee.

Vogue gives major style pointers on how to style these jeans saying, “Wide legs, like these resewn vintage-y numbers by Levi’s, need to be balanced by something narrow on top. String bikini, check!”

Two Toned Denim Jeans

Don’t worry, this trend is not about both the legs having mismatched colors. Creative and modish, the two-toned denim jeans have a lighter blue on one side while there this a darker shade on the other. Or more than half the jeans are of a darker hue whereas the remaining one quarter on the lower end is sky blue. However, these jeans are coming in various shapes, sizes, and trends. Kendall Jenner owns a pair of these too, just so you know.

Skinny jeans

What? you thought that skinny jeans had dug their grave? NEVER! Even if they had, they were sure to be resurrected in the winter considering cropped jeans wouldn’t really be an option then. Reese Witherspoon was spotted in a pair of skinny jeans paired with a floral printed shirt and an LV bag in Los Angeles.

Ripped jeans

Thong jeans haven’t been a success… yet (not until Rihanna or one of the Kardashians or Jenners sport them) but ripped jeans, more precisely brutally ripped jeans, definitely are. Jeans with wide and jagged holes are totally in. Loose ones, baggy ones, slim-fit ones. To the extent that jeans with holes in the butt region are also in vogue, like it or not. Jennifer Aniston, Gigi Hadid, Jessie J, even Kayne West among scores of other celebs have sported the ripped jeans trend.