Netflix made it free for all the movie lovers across the World to stream its site, and there could be no better news this year.


Now, you can finally watch all those seasons and movies that you have been dying to watch but are too miser to spend money to buy the subscription.

But, you know what, I know what most of you are going to do in these 48 hours of free subscription: scroll through the website for 47 hours to decide what to watch.

Thus, to make this free system of watching the movies easy for you, here is a list of things that you can binge-watch while Netflix remains free.

Enola Holmes

If you love suspense and comedy, Enola Holmes is what you need to watch while Netflix is free. The plot revolves around Elona, who is on the mission to find her mother who has gone missing. She has an elder brother, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. But, guess what? It turns out that she is way smarter than Sherlock, and comes with the wittiest responses possible.

Animated gif about cute in ♡ MILLIE BOBBY BROWN ♡ by peaches

Marriage story

All the fans of Scarlet Johanson, add this movie in the list of movies you are going to watch while Netflix is free.

The movie comes with a sad plot in which an actress and her director husband are finding it difficult to pursue their marriage. They are on the verge of divorce, which leads to affecting both their careers as well as personal life.

I think I can handle myself — Marriage Story (2019) dir. Noah Baumbach

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Now, this is a really cute story, which shows a girl getting tangled in varied love affairs.

She would send letters of love to boys she liked, and once her relationship gets stronger with a guy, a new one enters her life. Her confusion on which one to choose and which one to let go of makes it worth watching.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You': Peter, Lara Jean in GIFs

Nappily Ever After

If you are struggling with body image issues or are developing low self-esteem owing to someone’s comment on your body, this is the movie you need to watch

The story revolves around a woman who is never satisfied with the state of her hair. She does a thousand things to make her hair look like the way it is accepted by society.

Her story of moving from self-consciousness to self-confidence is something you should definitely give a watch.


Am I loud and clear — Nappily Ever After 2018

Despite Everything

Last in our list is this comedy, Despite Everything.

A story of four sisters who set on a journey to find their real father, once their mother dies.

Call your girl pals over a night stay and watch this movie. You will surely love it!

Despite Everything'–Review (Netflix)