If you are a Bollywood fan or a viewer, you would surely be aware of the curly-haired actress, Kangana Ranaut. She debuted from her much-acclaimed movie Gangster, and ever since she has been hailed as one of the finest actresses of Bollywood.

However, at the same time, Kangana is someone who holds no barriers when it comes to speaking her heart out. She tends to give some of the most controversial statements, ever.

Here is a compilation of the most bizarre statements that she has ever uttered.

About Hrithik Roshan:

After her ugly spat with Hrithik Roshan, she held no barrier and spoke her heart out in all the events that she attended. However, AAP KI ADALAT asks for special mention, as that’s when she said that Hrithik has harassed and stalked her by sending her thousands of emails. She also said that he is a product of nepotism, and has had multiple affairs in the past.


About Karan Johar:

While Kangana was answering her rapid-fire questions on Koffee With Karan, she said that if, ever, her biopic is to be made, she would make sure that Karan plays the role of a big movie mafia head, who is the flag bearer of nepotism.

About Adhyayan Suman:

Kangana who once dated Adhyayan Suman said that he is a drug addict and a loser. She regrets being a part of his life.


About Deepike Padukone:

Targeting the depression and mental health campaign initiated and led by Deepike Padukone, Kangana said that a few actresses use the name of mental illness just to gain some extra publicity.