Shocking and saddening everyone, actor Godfrey Gao has left the world.

The actor who appeared in The Mortal Instruments movie as Magnus Bane was an inspiration to Asian actors and models around the world. He was 35 when he passed away yesterday while filming a Chinese reality TV show called Chase Me.

Reports tell that Gao was filming for 17 hours straight before he suddenly collapsed while running as part of the physical activities done on the show. He was immediately overseen by medical professionals and then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Three hours later, the model departed the world, reason being a sudden cardiac arrest. Fans and celebrities have put forward messages of the grief they are feeling at this heart wrenching news.

Godfrey Gao was the first Asian to appear in a Louis Vuitton ad campaign. He was born in Taiwan and brought up in Canada. Apart from his place in Hollywood, Gao had appeared in several Chinese television shows.

Gao’s agency, JetStar Entertainment, gave a statement on Weibo which WWD translated to, “We are very shocked and saddened and even until now find it impossible to accept. Thank you media friends and every fan of Godfrey’s for their concern.”

“His management and team were present, and his family were urgently rushed to the location. Please respect Godfrey’s family in this time of sorrow and refrain from disturbing them. We will accompany Godfrey’s family to handle discreet funeral arrangements. Thank you, everyone.”

Asian stars including Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians, Harry Shum Jr. who plays Magnus on Freeform’s Shadowhunters, and Simu Liu who will appear in the Shangi Chi Marvel movie have expressed their grief on Gao’s passing on social media. Remy Hii from the Spiderman: Far from Home team tweeted as well.

He wrote, “I am beyond devastated to hear about the death of Godfrey Gao. This is a loss to us as a community as Asian artists and it’s fair to say it will never be the same without him.”

Gao’s Mortal Instruments castmates Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bowie have also posted in his memory. Cassandra Clare, author of the Mortal Instruments series, shared a story on Instagram in his remembrance as well. She tweeted, “Godfrey was one of the nicest people I have ever met, taking time on the movie set to be kind and thoughtful, always bringing presents for everyone.”


One fan wrote on Twitter¸ “Still can’t believe. My heart hurts so deeply.” Another person mentioned on Twitter how Godfrey Gao had said in an interview that at the end of 2019 the young actor wanted to see his family.


He had said, “Hope to rest a bit and see my family. I haven’t seen them in a long while because filming lasts a long time. I hope to see them and have a meal and then have some fun.”

Fans on social media want Chase Me to be cancelled. The show puts excess physical strain on its guest contestants and invites only those who are in good enough shape to keep up with the challenges.

Some reports say that Godfrey Gao was fighting the flu and he wasn’t just filming but running for straight 17 hours when he started to get weaker. Pictures online show that the actor held on to a railing for support as he was losing his stamina. This news is indeed shocking considering how young and healthy the actor seemingly was.

Some fans also believe that the medical team was too late in giving medical attention to the actor which resulted in this irrecoverable loss. Others actors who have been on the show have also been noticed feeling uncomfortable. One Chinese actor reportedly stopped filming after two episodes because she felt the show was life-threatening. She had to take heart relief pills as well. Another actor allegedly got injured on set as well.