A new study says that watching television for about or over an hour can negatively impact the sleep of preschoolers. This research comes from scientists from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and has been published in the Sleep Health journal.

For it, 470 preschoolers in the age bracket of 2 to 5 were taken as participants. These little participants were made to wear actigraphs on their wrists for up to 16 days. Results showed that 36% of these children had a TV in the room and one-third of those who had a television in their bedroom slept while watching adult content which was either stimulating or violent.

The study found that those who missed sleep at night because of their TV watching habits, slept more during their daytime nap but still they couldn’t make up for their lost zzz. Other kids who didn’t have a TV in their bedroom, slept for 17 minutes longer in a 24-hour period than those who had television sets in their room even though they enjoyed 12 minutes longer naps in the day.

Another conclusion that was drawn was that watching TV for more than hour meant missing 2.5 hours of sleep per night compared to the kids who watched TV for less than an hour. This means TV stole 22 minutes of sleep from the nights of children who watched plus one hour of television. Furthermore, not having a TV in their room let children sleep for 30 minutes more.

From this, it can be learned that watching television is not good for the sleep of preschoolers. Hence, parents shouldn’t let their children watch TV for more than an hour. This research stamps on the recently released guidelines by the World Health Organization that said that children below the age of 5 shouldn’t be exposed to more than an hour of screen time while it is better to not have any screen time at all.