Memes were supposed to be just for the laughs. But with the meme culture growing more and more rapidly, it has started exceeding its limits, crossed the lines, and become downright hateful. The jokes being made are more often than not on the expense of someone’s integrity. The latest victim of this new type of bullying is Millie Bobby Brown.

Last year, in November, the Stranger Things actress was targeted by Twitterers with #TakeDownMillieBrown. Now with pride month in full swing, the vigor for defaming Brown has resurfaced with refreshed enthusiasm. People are posting photoshopped versions of the 14-year-ols’s pictures. Homophobic memes are being made out of the actress’s original pictures.

It has gotten pretty bad. So much so that Millie Bobby Brown has taken her Twitter down. That’s right. The young celebrity has deleted her Twitter account because of how harsh some people have gotten with what they think is funny. Moreover, people have also been posting absurd made-up stories that talk about their experiences with Brown being violent toward gay people.



The weirdest part of it all is that some people are claiming that the memes and fake tales are an inside joke that gay people share. In reality, Millie Bobby Brown is a firm supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and against bullying of all sorts. This trend has seemingly and reportedly been started by the twitter account that goes by the handle @kobychill.



One twitterer wrote in defense of Brown saying, “pretending millie bobby brown, a literal child, is a violent homophobe for memes is f****** disgusting and not funny at all. You are grown adults, editing photos of her with captions that include the f slur, violence against lgbt community for comedy and it’s f****** gross.”

Perhaps while making fun and cooking such stories most people often forget to take into consideration the feelings of the person they are roasting. In particular, in the case of celebrities. While Millie has rose to fame pretty quickly because of her stellar acting skills she’s still just a teenager, a very young one at that.