Two things that stand in the top ten This-Totally-Sucks list are, one; when your belly pops out after a ton of food has been stuffed into it. And two, when people care about your pregnancy more than you do. Happens with everyone but if you are a celebrity, well the absurd rumors keep stemming even from the most innocent of your actions.

Something like that happened with Miley Cyrus. The Hannah Montana alum shared a pre-birthday picture of hers on Wednesday, November 22, on Instagram in which she is wearing a loose grey shirt with her hand placed above her tummy. Around her are silver balloons spelling her name and if you look closely, you can spot her fiancé Liam Hemsworth in the mirror behind her snapping the pic.

The photo is captioned, “So close to b-day time! Stoked for a day full of Tofurkey & loved ones! Ain’t it ironic? #VeganTurkeyBaby” The way she is standing made fans and several news organizations question if the Malibu singer and her BF are expecting a baby. Several comments on the picture read “Pregnant?” or a variant of this.

One wrote, “Looks kinda pregnant.” Another defended Miley saying, “She’s wearing an oversized T-shirt obviously it’s not going to be form-fitting…idk why everyone is saying she’s pregnant or even looks pregnant.”

The Wrecking Ball star shut down the rumors two days later in a tweet that is captioned, “RUDE!!! Not pregnant just eating a shit ton of tofurkey” That is rude. People really need to let a girl live.

The songstress and her man have been in an on and off relationship for quite a long while now. They met in 2010, got engaged in 2012, broke up in 2013 only to reunite in 2016. They have been together for a year now but that does definitely not mean that a baby has to be on the way.