When asked about her brother-in-law during a press conference in Madrid in the later part of November, Elsa Pataky didn’t have anything remotely positive to say about Miley Cyrus.

Hola! magazine reported that Chris Hemsworth’s wife said, “My brother-in-law, well… after a relationship that you’ve dedicated ten years to, he’s a little bit down, but he’s coping well, he’s a strong boy and he deserves the best.”

The 43-year-old further added “I think he deserves much better.” Of course, these comments cannot sit well with Miley Cyrus whom Elsa has been friends with for a long time. Three years back both the women even got matching tattoos. They had a strong friendship despite their 17-year age gap.

Now Elsa’s saying that Liam could do better than Miley and the mess that she introduced in his life. Miley and Elsa have a lot of memories in Byron Bay where the two ladies have captured a lot of pictures together and even shared with their fans on Instagram.

Miley’s friends think that Elsa words would undoubtedly “hurt” her. One of the American popstar’s friends told Woman’s Day, “Elsa saying she wasn’t good enough for Liam will hurt her [Miley] hard.”

The Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth drama was heartbreaking but not unexpected. The most shocking part of their breakup was that it came too soon after their marriage.

What left Liam’s fans even more hurt was the fact that the Wrecking Ball singer didn’t take a moment to breathe before moving on to other partners. She’s already is in a pretty strong and seemingly committed relationship with Australian singer Cody Simpson.

Meanwhile Liam Hemsworth is busy collecting the pieces of his broken heart. Of course, Miley’s behavior has not just made her fans question her but it has also let the Hemsworth family down.

Prior to their marriage, many wondered if the traditional family of the Hemsworths, who own several properties in Byron Bay, would accept Miley.

They did but Liam’s marriage with her didn’t last more than eight months. The couple had a low-key celebration when they wed and were at their best after the Malibu fires. However, they couldn’t take their almost decade long relationship any further this August.

Following their split and before their divorce, Miley moved on with reality TV show star Kaitlynn Carter. That romance didn’t last more than a few days and then came along Miley’s relationship with Cody Simpson with whom there’s a lot of PDA going on.

Miley thinks that because she was in a committed relationship for so long with Liam, she hasn’t really experimented with dating and would like to focus on that. Angry fans believe that she’s returned to her old partying ways and needs some attention to her mental health.

Liam Hemsworth was seen with CW actress Madison Brown once. However, there have been no reports about his romantic life after that and he is apparently totally single nowadays.