You could pretend all you want that you control your wallet and your wallet doesn’t control you but deep down inside you know the truth. Wallets are like baby bosses; you feed them with all you have got, but they hold this insane power over you. Like “nay, Angela, I can’t allow you to storm into that boutique, I know you earn the money, you spend it. But there’s a portion that is for me.” Rude.

Ever been in a situation where you really want to get your hands on a bag but then you know that your wallet won’t like it? Like you know the shop is whispering you to seek out that glittery, chain-strapped mini bag that it has specially for you, but you just can’t. Because life is not a movie.

Well, luckily, there are some pretty cool brands out there that respect the rules set by your wallet and are always nice to when it comes to prices. Not everything is supposed to come from Gucci, Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Chanel, after all. For those who are on a budget, here are our picks of the midrange bag brands that are kind to you and have the “it” bag designs of the season that can steal both hearts and the spotlight.

Charles and Keith

A brand that is ready to feed your shopaholic soul without costing you a fortune. Charles and Keith also sells shoes so you get to grab a pair of those as well. This one is for the fashion-forward ladies who are just not ready to compromise on style. The brand offers accessories as well, so you don’t have to go to fifty different places to find all your stuff.

midrange bag brands


Nine West

We personally have a love affair with this brand. Those latest velvet shoes that it has on all posters scream “BUY US!” They have bags of all sorts, shapes, sizes, and colors. Since they are basically a shoe brand, they have shoes as well. Oh and accessories too! So when you enter Nine West, you can run in and fetch not just a handbag but a matching pair of glam heels as well.


Accessorize is the wonderland of the loveliest bags ever. The items found here are not so expensive that you enter the store, gasp, get out of the place before you choke on your own tears. In fact, you can basically make this place your go-to shop for whenever you think your wallet is thinking of betraying you. (That naughty little monster!) Accessorize again, doesn’t just have handbags but accessories too. Treat yourself to everything.

midrange bag brands



Guess who is on this list? Guess! This brand has in store the most elegant pieces at affordable prices. You can rely on a Guess bag for rough use. Guess, known for its watches and perfumes, offers statement handbags, jewelry, outfits, and shoes as well. Plus, you can take your man along for Guess doesn’t just make products for females.


If you are looking for midrange bag brands, the list can’t be complete without Prada. At Prada, you can find trendy pieces that manage to offer functionality along with being affordable. On your way out, you can also grab a pair of eyewear. Apart from that, the brand offers shoes and perfumes as well.