June 26, 2022

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Microsoft’s troublesome methods to prevent us from downloading Chrome

Navigators’ war will never end … it’s like a hundred years of modern war. Microsoft has taken a new step in trying to keep its users on the edge.

Source: Neovin

Source: Neovin

Make its users reluctant to see if the browser is green somewhere else. The new war of the heroes of the field. Microsoft, which is exactly the same with Edge. After making it difficult to select another default browser in Windows 11 and blocking EdgeDeflector, Redmond now displays annoying warnings when a user attempts to download. Google Chrome.

“This browser is 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge “

When you access the Google Browser download page from Edge, the Microsoft browser now shows a warning. This message turns out to be accidental, intended to convince users that Chrome is not the best option.

This browser is 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge»: This is the message displayed on the top right of the browser. You may be taken to a special page that tells you about the merits and benefits of the Edge. This web page introduces some of the most important features of Microsoft and is divided into three categories namely Productivity, Performance and Privacy.

The paradox in this story is that both Chrome and Edge are identical. As a reminder, Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, Chrome’s open source program. Microsoft Browser includes all the compatibility benefits of Google Browser, as well as some enhancements and specific plug-ins and functions from the Microsoft ecosystem.

Example message in Edge

Example message in Edge

We are not going to complain about Google either. In fact, the latter also takes part in the war. When browsing some Edge web pages, ads try to convince us to switch to Chrome. Finally, You have the option.

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