June 28, 2022

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Microsoft puts a firm end to the digital logo by shutting down Internet Explorer

“We announce that Microsoft Edge is the future of Internet Explorer in Windows 10.” It was with these words that Microsoft announced the end of its historic browser on May 19, 2021. An announcement on June 15, 2022 comes true as technical support for Internet Explorer is being phased out under Windows 10. By August 2021, Microsoft had already stopped supporting the 365 browser, which was gradually phased out by the company.

However, the rest of Internet Explorer can be reassuring to some users: Edge, the other Microsoft browser launched in 2015, will be responsible. “Microsoft Edge has a built-in Internet Explorer mode”, The US company promised on its blog at the time of announcing the browser’s verdict. Necessary adaptation through the framework of many software and business applications: “Many companies have a surprisingly large number of old technology websites”At the time Microsoft explained, it was calculated “Average 1,678 legacy applications” In companies.

According to Microsoft, these sites and applications will continue to work on the Edge in Internet Explorer mode until 2029. “Beware, Edge compatibility mode does not solve all problems”However, தலைமைric Le Bourlout, editor-in-chief of 01net, a site that specializes in the digital world, warns. Some elements, such as the JavaScript language or the Silverlight plugin, for example, are, according to him, relevant.

“It’s a page turn. It’s one of the best phases of the web.”Digital journalist Jerome Columbine analyzes this and compares it to the shutdown of some Microsoft flagship programs such as Windows 98. “This is the end of an era and one of the signs of the explosion of the Internet.”Benjamin Vincent confirms that he is a journalist who specializes in new technologies and the editor of the New World column in FranceInfo.

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But if June 15 is the official Internet Explorer shutdown day, “The browser is not already used and will not change greatly as it is modified by Edge”, Underscores Jerome Columbine, producer of the Digital World podcast. In fact, according to statistics provided by the Statcounter site, as of April 2022, only 0.39% of entries to the Internet were made from Internet Explorer to 64.34% of the larger Google browser. . “There are no Lampta Internet users using Internet Explorer because the current Internet is not compatible with these technologies.”, Describes Eric Le Bourlout. According to the journalist, only “Marked Applications” Some software or applications may cause Internet users to continue to open Internet Explorer.

Source: StatCounter Global Statistics – Browser Market Stock

Needless to say, the browser and its creator, Microsoft, gradually phased out its use. “Microsoft dropped it a long time ago”Says Eric Le Bourlout. “It’s technically and securityly outdated because it’s not updated anymore.” According to him, “Microsoft has failed to keep up with technological advances and has completely missed some important Internet milestones.. The same observation on the part of Benjamin Vincent points to the failed turn of the smartphone.

“The release of iPhones and smartphones coincides with the decline of Internet Explorer.

Benjamin Vincent, journalist who specializes in new technologies

at franceinfo

Thus Microsoft pushed itself back “It took a long time to react to all this.”, Condemns Éric Le Bourlout. So did not notice in 2015: Exit Internet Explorer, Hello Edge. Since its launch, the new browser has been redesigned to launch its ancestor on new platforms. But with only 4.05% of users in April 2022, it’s hard to believe. However this is the official decision of Internet Explorer “A failure” To Eric Le Bourlow. Benjamin Vincent confirms: “Microsoft has lost the opportunity to retain leadership.”

If Internet Explorer has been pushed to the bottom of drawers for years, why does its result seem so symbolic to us? “This is an example of Microsoft’s omnipotence on the InternetJerome Columbine analyzes. They dominated. “ For good reason: Lacking confidence in the Internet’s interest, Bill Gates allowed his company to enter the industry in 1995 with the introduction of Internet Explorer.

“Internet Explorer was the standard for all purposes of evolving and working everywhere.”

Jerome Columbine, journalist and producer of the “Digital World” podcast

at franceinfo

This was necessary when installing the Windows suite, forcing Microsoft users to select their browser. The practice has led to legal action against the company in the United States and fines for anti-competitive practices in Europe. But the result was here: “At its peak, in 2004, it rose to 95% market share”, Thus should be underlined Echoes. As of January 2009, the browser still accumulates 64.97% of entries on the web, where the current leading Google Chrome posted only 1.37%.

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All of this helped to turn Internet Explorer into an Internet myth. “Link is generation and impact”Says Jerome Columbine. “Many people found the web with him”, Éric Le Bourlout abounds. Benjamin Vincent, Navigator “Contains a small page of Proust’s madeleine! People over the age of 25 should browse to a point where they can thank Internet Explorer. We change the page with the logo and name that has been with us for over twenty years.”

Some have taken the name of the browser to make fun of. So, the Twitter account @intrnetexp is having fun relying on current events to bring out old information. “This is an icon! Everyone knows Internet Explorer, even those without digital knowledge”, Guarantees to the creator of the parody account. Initially a joke among friends, Microsoft quickly saw the name of the browser:

“It’s still a classic Internet memory: it’s obsolete, it’s not working, it’s just reminiscent of old CDI computers in colleges, it’s just a browser. It’s so badly optimized that it’s fun!

Creator of the Twitter account intrnetexp

at franceinfo

For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed Internet Explorer era, Account Creator Promises “To mark success”. But do not know what the account is: “Either we stop there, it might be a very interesting ending, or we’ll use it to carry this message. However, the jokes in Internet Explorer will continue for those who know, so the browser can continue to live beyond everything.”

Requested, Microsoft did not respond to our interview requests.