January 17, 2022

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Meta expands its Facebook range and makes it more accessible

The meta thinks big through the Facebook portal. Between 2020 and 2021, the digital company today introduced new products including our favorites: Portal Go and Portal TV. Zoom in on these new entries you want to make your life easier … and do video conferencing.

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Launched in 2018, the Facebook portal range continues to expand with newer devices such as Portal + or Portal Mini. As a reminder, the Facebook portal is equipped with a screen and aims to provide a better video calling experience through two. Ambassador And Share. All the products in the range have their own uniqueness, but these are just two recent visits that we are going to focus on today.

Portal TV, big screen video

Portal TV is the promise Smart TV Easy access to your video conferences while giving you access to all the content you need in just a few clicks. Like other Facebook portal products, it doubles as a hub Automation So it allows you to take care of your attached home. There is no box or screen here: the portal looks like a webcam connected to a TV. Although it obviously does not have a touch screen, the portal relies on TV Alexa, IHelp voice d ‘ Amazon And a small remote control to go into the interface.

If you are worried about sacrificing Streaming By selecting the portal TV rather than the Android box or a Apple TV, do not be afraid. Netflix, Prime Video, France.tv, Spotify Or Teaser is available on other sites and works. For that Video conference, Portal TV’s Camera, Messenger and WhatsApp will provide you with a comfortable calling experience from your couch.

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Portal Go, take your conversations around the house

Released in October 2021, it is the latest integrated product of Portal Go Meta. This new iteration takes everything that made the Facebook portal so successful, but makes some subtle changes. Broadly speaking, we find outADN Facebook portal range: a simple interface, access to Messenger and WhatsApp and automatic camera zoom. Meta has brought a new dimension, namely portability. So it has battery and handle to carry anywhere in the house. By removing the power cable and converting it to a charging station, Portal Co gets the operation to provide a no-nonsense nomadic communication experience. Tablets Classic, Portal Go guarantees that a handle will not slip out of your hands, especially when moving from one room to another.

Portal Go has a triangular shape that allows it to be stable on all surfaces, including soft ones such as the sofa or your knees. Its 10-inch screen has an interface Roof tiles This greatly simplifies its use. In addition to video calls, you can enjoy content from the meta or listen to music and podcasts on Spotify. Only in this interface can you control the attached objects of the house. If you carry your children or foods on your hands, be aware that the portal is equipped with Go Amazon Voice Assistant Alexa Who can answer all your requests?.

Article co-authored with Meta

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