Women have always preferred bearded men over clean-shaven ones, but a new study may make them change their mind. This new research which has been published in European Radiology journal has found that men’s beards have more bacteria than even dogs’ fur!

This shocking study was basically conducted to see if humans and dogs could share the same MRI machines considering very few veterinary clinics in Europe had these scanners for pooches. The study concluded that dogs weren’t a threat to humans and could use their machines.

For the review, Switzerland-based researchers compared the beard hair samples of 18 men to the fur samples of 30 dogs aged between 3 months to 13 years. Results showed that 23 out of the collected 30 dog samples had a high content of microbes while all of the samples from men’s beards had a very high microbe count.

This report is shocking even more so because the fur samples from pooches were taken from between their shoulder blades, an area which vets think is “particularly unhygienic.” Samples of beards were taken from just below the mouth of men who were between the age range of 18 to 76.

Assessment showed that men’s beards were dirtier than dogs and even had disease causing bacteria hidden in them. The bacteria responsible for causing urinary tract infection were also found in the beards of men. The same study also said that if women’s hair samples taken from their heads were put into a similar study, it was probable that their hair would also prove to be dirtier than pooches’ fur.

This study doesn’t only show that humans and dogs can use the same MRI scanners. In fact, it also stresses on the need for men to take more care of the cleanliness of their beards. In this regard, shampooing, moisturizing, and exfoliating the beard needs to be taken seriously.