May 24, 2022

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May 16 Full Moon Eclipse: We tell you about this very rare event

The night of May 15 to 16, the perfect alignment of the moon, sun and earth will cause a full lunar eclipse that will be visible throughout France.

Alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon, Which is a very rare occurrence, occurring only once a century on average. Still, this phenomenon will be noticed at night May 15 to 16.

In this case, the moon will be copper. This is a “Blood Moon”.

What is a full lunar eclipse?

A Full lunar eclipse The Moon is similar to the moment it enters the Earth’s shadow zone. Earth located at that time between two stars, thus preventing the moon from receiving the sun’s rays.

If the natural satellite were in the shadow of the Earth, it would not disappear, but a Copper red.

Most lunar eclipses remain Partial or penumbral. That is, the moon is only partially obscured by the shadow of the earth, or it is only in its penumbra, it does not obscure it.

When to see?

A full lunar eclipse can be seen May 15 to 16 at night. It will start around 5:29 And end at 6:54.

However, it was not noticed until 6:54 p.m. The day will dawn About 6:27 am

According to El PeriodicoThe full lunar eclipse reaches its Climax 6:11.

Or see her?

Full lunar eclipses can be seen from all continentsAsia And thisOceania.

So, the goal is to find a place that is close to you The sky is clear. In order to get away from everything as much as possible Light impurity Here are some examples of the best places: beach, mountain trail, mountain top or a view.

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How to take care of it?

There is no lunar eclipse like a solar eclipse Not visually dangerous. So you can see it With the naked eyeOr even the telescope.

Only Weather report You can hide this rare event!