June 26, 2022

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Maserati unveils its electric SUV

Maserati unveils its electric SUV

Meanwhile, Maserati executives have said that all Maserati models will be available in electric versions by 2025.

Grecale will also be available with a high-performance V6 engine or a four-cylinder engine with a mild hybrid system. Gas powered versions of the SUV will be available for Sale later this year. The all-electric version, called the Grecale Folgore, will go on sale next year.

The Grecale is smaller than the Levante SUV, the model that accounted for 59% of Maserati’s global sales last year. Like the Levante and Ghibli sedan, the Grecale is named after the wind. Grecale, pronounced gre-CAH-leh, is an easterly wind from the Mediterranean.

The electric Grecale Folgore will be part of the Italian luxury brand’s long-term plan to shift towards selling only electric cars. (Folgore means “lightning” in Italian.) Maserati is following along with a number of other luxury car brands, including Bentley and Jaguar, in announcing a shift toward all-electric lineups. In the case of Maserati, the transformation was somewhat more surprising, given the strong definition of the brand with the rough, metallic sounds of internal combustion engines usually made by Ferrari.

Maserati has recently begun production of the new MC20 supercar, which has a 630 hp V6 engine designed and built by Maserati. The $216,000 MC20 is the only current Maserati with an engine not made by Ferrari.

The high-performance Grecale Trofeo will have a 523-horsepower version of the MC20’s engine. The SUV will be able to go from zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, and will have a top speed of 177 mph, according to Maserati. Maserati has yet to announce the horsepower numbers or the performance of the Grecale Folgore electric car

The four-cylinder Grecales will feature a mild hybrid system for improved fuel economy and better performance. The Grecale Modena will have a 325-horsepower version of this system and the Grecale GT, essentially the base model, will have a 296-horsepower version. Grecale GT prices will start at $63,500 in the US. Maserati did not provide prices for the other versions. These gas-powered versions of the Grecale will go on sale later this year.

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When it goes on sale in 2023, the Grecale Folgore will be Maserati’s second all-electric model. The first will be the all-electric 1,200 hp Granturismo Folgore, a new version of the two-door and four-seater Maserati sports car. Maserati only revealed dimly lit photos of the car.

New completely redesigned versions of the Quattroporte Maserati CEO David Grasso said during a presentation that the sedan and Levante SUV, including all-electric versions, would be introduced by 2025. He said that production of the smaller Ghibli sedan would simply be discontinued because there was simply not enough interest left. In the sedans market anymore. By then, an all-electric version of the MC20 supercar will also be available.

Maserati released "  teaser & quot;  dark & ​​quot;  Pictures of her upcoming electric sports car.
Maserati is part of Stellantis, the global automobile conglomerate formed last year that also includes Dodge, Peugeot Jeep, Citroen, and Fiat among others. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the broad auto industry’s push toward electric cars when it comes to actually mitigating global warming. In a recent interview with CNN Business, he said he believes introducing electric cars won’t do much, in the absence of broader moves for more clean energy, a widely available charging infrastructure and cheaper batteries. Regardless said, Stellantis is pushing ahead with electricity Because of the way the industry is going and what government regulations require.

“This is a purely competitive story,” Tavares said. “We are competitors.”