One would think that applying mascara is easy-peasy and no one could ever just go wrong with it. Surprisingly though, there are several misconceptions about mascara application. Due to the common presence of these, a lot of women are applying their mascara incorrectly. Perhaps, you’re also unknowingly believing in mainstream mascara myths.

To clear this matter today, we’re discussing our list of 9 common mascara myths. To separate mascara fact from fiction, start reading:

1 – You need waterproof mascara all day everyday

Waterproof mascara is godsent and it must be worshipped. But this doesn’t mean that you should put it on every single day. If anything, your regular mascara should be for daily use unless you are someone who cries a lot or lives in a rainy city.

The thing is, waterproof mascara dries quickly which means it appears flaky and applying more layers on it only makes your look worse. It is also very difficult to take off which means your lashes may have to suffer some ruthlessness at your hands when you try to get it off prior to bed. On the other hand, your regular mascara comes off easily and is gentler on your lashes.

2 – If the mascara wand is bigger you get more volumized lashes

This is another common myth about mascaras. In truth, a wider or bigger wand doesn’t equate to better volume or thickness. In fact, when the bristles of the wand are smaller and shorter, they are better able to get rid of excess mascara which can collect and look clumpy.

Shorter bristles also ensure better and more on-point mascara application. This means they give you better volume and thickness along with smoother application.

3 – You should apply baby powder before mascara for thicker lashes

Imagine puffing on powder on your lashes – does that sound comfortable? Not really. The powder would obviously get sprinkled in your eyes and irritate them. Your lashes are hairs so that makes powder getting in the eyes easier.

What’s more, even if you do manage to get some powder on your lashes, the mascara layer atop it would make it crusty. Mascara needs to be moist, but powder absorbs moisture, making your lashes crusty. Therefore, what you get with this duo of baby powder and mascara is a constant shower of cakey black powder. Not good.

4 – You can share your mascara with your sister

First of all, you cannot share your mascara with anyone. The wand directly comes into contact with your lash line. All the bacteria from the bottle go there and then when someone else uses it, they get your bacteria as well.

The sharing of a makeup item such as a mascara only enables the spread of infections. It truly wouldn’t look cute and sisterly if you and your sibling both have a pink eye, now would it?

5 – The mascara wand can curl your lashes too

Myth says that using your mascara wand in the right direction, with the right pressure can help curl your eyelashes and you would no more need an eyelash curler for the job. In simple language – this is not possible. The mascara wand is merely for applying mascara, not for curling your lashes.

Expecting it to do that is like expecting a straightener to crim your hair. You still need your eyelash curler for the curling part. Even if the wand technique gives your eyelashes a slight curl, this effect wouldn’t last.

6 – You should always curl your lashes prior to mascara application

This one is not completely false but somewhat wrong. Sure, it is a better idea to first curl your lashes and then apply mascara if you are harsh with using your eyelash curler as many are. However, if you know how to gently use a lash curler, you could do it the other way around.

That is, you could first apply mascara and then curl your lashes. The curler would smoosh the mascara and spread it evenly, resulting in thicker lashes. Be sure to be extremely gentle – any ripping and you may lose your precious lashes.

7 – The excess use of mascara can make your eyelashes fall out

Yet another misconception is that too much mascara can make your eyelashes fall out. But if you dive into the details, there is some truth to this one. Firstly, poor quality mascara can damage your eyelashes when you use it regularly.

Secondly, if you sleep with your mascara on it can block hair follicles and weaken your eyelashes, encouraging them to fall out. The damage can also be permanent. Last but not the least, rubbing out your mascara aggressively or by using the wrong products can also damage your lashes. But simply using mascara regularly but properly is unlikely to cause lash loss.

8 – You should pump up your mascara for more volume

Dipping your mascara wand again and again in the tube in an attempt to get more product on the wand and enjoy a thicker coat is not the right way. It’s only a myth that this technique will allow for better application.

The fact is that if you want more product, you should dip it once and swirl the wand before taking it out. Repetitive pumping would only trap air in the tube and make the mascara crusty and dry sooner. This, in turn, will enable more bacteria production as well.

9 – Leaving mascara on will make your lashes thicker

The last myth on this list is about how many think that having mascara on for longer can thicken your lashes. This is a completely false statement following which could have very harmful consequences for your lashes.

As mentioned above, letting your mascara stay for longer than its due time can damage your lashes, cause infection, and cause lash loss as well.