December 9, 2021

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Marvel Avengers: Finally Spider-Man Release Date, Raid Sun Conflicting With Claw and Restoration of Some Game Settings

The last few weeks have been full of events Marvel’s Avengers, Questionable, adding to the store the item to be purchased with real money and this made it possible to quickly upgrade our utensils and their equipment. Yes, it was like that Money to win, Although there is no dimension PVP, Most This made the players beg Crystal Dynamics Apologize at the beginning of the week and withdraw these boosters from sale.

But what we are interested in now is the next content additions and changes in the game experience, Published in early September. Yes means We finally have a date for the visit Spider man On PS5 and PS4 ! Although the studio has not yet shown any footage of its “event” or character (except for the shadow) Road map Did not tell us anything about it) Thanks to Patch 2.2 we can play from November 30th. Official website article Indicates that there are challenges that allow it to live its history throughInitiative Avengers And true Peter Parker Will discover the plans of this universePurpose Aimed at acquiring new technology for manufacturing Synthoids Invincible, this will lead him to ally with himself Avengers, And more specifically Mrs. Marvel And Black widow.

There will be other major innovations The Raid From Glove, Son disagreementNeed to form a team of four players to defeat this terrible enemy, who always wants to destroy. Waganda Following the events The extension was released in August. Otherwise, just on the changes side of the game settings, everything will be played to get started. Will increase Power Maximum 175 Currently against 150, there is an additional chance Recycle our equipment to improve others Power Like what to do Rule 2, The benefit of cosmetics by spending the coin collected while playing rather than spending real money (by choice, of course not all is available) and an option Farmer One weekly reward for each deserving hero, among other things.

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before that, Event Tachyonic disorder Return November 14-18, The opportunity to collect some rewards.

And Marvel’s Avengers If you are interested, you can find it At 19.95 Amazon.

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