All good things come to an end. The fans of Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams who shipped this couple had their hearts broken when the couple decided to end its marriage. A lot of people cried their hearts out when the divorce has happened. Now, Mandy Moore has accused her ex-husband Ryan Adams for emotional abuse. She has said that her ex-husband was involved with a lot of women, sexually. This caused a lot of emotional abuse to her, for which Adams should apologies.

Adams has apologized for his behavior publically.

The Essay for Daily Mail:

The English musician Ryan Adams talked with daily Times this weekend. He wrote an essay for the magazine in which he apologized for all his past actions and said that he was actually involved in sexual relations with a lot of women. However, he said that he has become sober and doesn’t intend to get involved in such activities anymore.

The History:

Man Moore has, along with six other women, given details about the manipulative behavior of Adams and called it repetitive. While talking to the New York Times, she had revealed this pattern of behavior of her ex-husband, after parting ways from him in 2015. The breakup happened after six years of them going strong.

While describing Adam’s behavior, she called it psychologically abusive.

Mandy Moore’s reaction to the apology:

When Mandy Moore was asked for her reaction over the public apology of Adams, she said that saying anything for her is a bit difficult as so much has already been said on it before. She also said that it’s funny that Adams has made a public apology but has not apologized to her in person.

She also made it clear that it doesn’t really bother her that why has Adams not apologized to her personally by reaching out to her. However, at the same time, she finds it a bit of public oriented action to seek forgiveness and repent in front of the public.

She also revealed that her ex-husband was a control freak. He used to control her actions, which caused her to lose a lot of connections in the industry. this also affected her career in a really bad manner.

However, when the actress has made these allegations initially, they were completely denied by the musician. He had called them baseless and false.

Thus, we can say that Moore is definitely unimpressed by Adams’s display of regret and an apology in front of the public.