Managing Overeating During Quarantine

The lock-down season has gotten everyone off the guard. Everyone is bored and that one thing that we all are doing right now is OVER-EATING. Yes, you would agree with me. Eating our hearts out is something that everyone is indulged in, ever since the lock down has been announced. Whenever someone opens the twitter feed, there is yet another recipe that compels him to make it instantly. If you are someone who is also struggling with the issue of over-eating, here are a few ways to get rid of it:

1) Set a schedule

Setting a schedule and eating only when it is time is the right way to avoid over-eating. When people are bored, they tend to eat more at random hours. Having a time table and following it strictly obviously helps one in avoiding it. The best thing would be to follow the eating time table that you had before the corona virus had hit. This would bring some normality to your life. Forcing oneself to avoid making too much desert and eating it all would help in reducing the bulging stomach.

2) Drink water

Keeping oneself hydrated by drinking enough water is also one way you can avoiding catching the corona virus. However, this would, at the same time, aid you in keeping your stomach full at all times. Whenever you start craving to eat something heavy, all you need to do is to fill a glass of water and gulp it down your throat. This will help you in two ways. One, it will fill your stomach up without adding any kilos to your body and two, it will aid in keeping your skin fresh and hair healthy. Thus, keeping a glass of water handy will surely help you loads during this period of lock-down.

3) Use smaller plates

When people use large dishes, they tend fill them up to the core. This leads to adding more calories in their overall food. However, if you want to reduce this habit of over-eating, you need to switch from the regular plates to the plates of a bit smaller size. You will automatically fill lesser food in the new dishes. In turn, you will be successful in tackling with the issue of overeating, easily.

4) Avoid eating while binge-watching

If you are habitual of munching while watching seasons, you tend to over-eat a lot. One rule that you need to make for yourself is to avoid eating while watching the seasons. If you are craving it A LOT, opt for healthy food options. This includes making a smoothie and drinking it while watching your favorite shows. You can also have a fruit salad, which would taste horrible while you are watching an interesting show.

5) Find a hobby

Not having anything to do leads to making people bored. In turn, they move towards their fridge and take out whatever is inside to eat it. To avoid over eating, you need to keep yourself busy. Find a new hobby and it will keep you away from eating extra food, efficiently.