2.8.2018 is the date to remember ladies, as a new palette worth swooning is coming your way on this date. It’s better that you mark it now and don’t miss the date because the regret of not getting the Makeup Forever Us Star Lit Glitter Palette will be a serious punch to the gut.

Just around the corner is the launch of these new eyeshadow shades in a palette from Makeup Forever Us. It is packed with mind-blowing colors that boast a high shine. But be prepared, girls. The Makeup Forever Us Star Lit Glitter Palette is a limited edition and it’s not every day that you get creamy shades full of luster.

This palette contains 6 pragmatic shades. These colors are named as:

  • Reflection: this is an ivory shade that reflects pink glitter.
  • Prism: The base pigment of Prism is cranberry-toned and it reflects teal glitter
  • Spark: The foundation pigment is champagne colored and it reflects gold-toned glitter
  • Flame: Flame’s based in bronze and a reflection of gold mirrors through the eyeshadow hue
  • Flicker: Flicker is a terracotta based color with the reflecting shade of pink
  • Beam: This is a mauve hue that reflects dual-toned glitter of blue and purple

The formula is smooth and creamy. The glitter is finely milled in the shades so that it does not fall off as you apply the eyeshadows. You can wear these shades solo or layer them on top of others. Makeup Forever Us Star Lit Glitter Palette will be up for grabs for $45.

The eyeshadow sparkle palette will be available both online and in stores at Sephora. It will also be available for purchase at the MUFE Boutiques. The launch date is February 8, which is approaching fast. So, prepare to bid farewell to 45 dollars, ladies.