Its been more than two months since the Indian actor, Sushant Singh Rajpoot died. The speculations about him being depressed and opting for suicide and a possible murder have still not died down. Where a lot of people consider him to have chosen to take his own life owing to the prevailing nepotism in the Film Industry, others call it a ruthless conspiracy. However, Sushant’s fans, all over the World, made sure to have a fierce campaign on social media. They demanded in their campaign that the case of Sushant’s murder should be carried on by CBI.


The Long Wait:


For more than a month and a half, twitter found #CBIFor Sushant trending on it continuously. Thanks to the fans of Sushant Singh Rajpoot all across the World, everyone had to acknowledge this demand and support it. Yesterday, eventually, the Supreme Court of India announced that CBI will take over the case and will investigate the matter from now on. In the order issued by the court, Mumbai police were asked to hand over the case to CBI. The police will also provide all the pieces of evidence collected thus far to the CBI. It can be said that the wait was surely quite long but it was definitely worth it.

The FIR by Sushant’s Father:

Sushant father, in the aftermath of the false investigations being conducted by the Mumbai police, had registered an FIR in Patna. He had claimed that Bihar was competent to ask for the involvement of CBI in this case, and eventually, the court had to acknowledge the fact. The court has asked the CBO to be extremely fair while conducting the probe and have an impartial method to do so. This, finally, stopped all the speculations and the fans and family of Sushant could heave a sigh of relief.

The reaction by actor’s Family:

After a two months long hustle, Sushant’s family could finally find some solace in the news. The possibility of a competent authority finding the truth has surely given them great hopes for the future. The actor’s sister, Shweta Singh Kirti, took to twitter to thank the fans for their immense support and love. She said that the entire family is indebted to all the cooperation that is showed by the actor’s fans from all over the World. She also expressed her relief as now the real culprit of the incident would be easy to find.