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There is no blaming a girl’s heart if it swoons after the MAC makeup collection or if it bounces between choosing the lipstick shades. It’s really a tough decision to make when selecting the perfect lip shade for your lips from MAC because each one is so amazing that they share the first place for the best lip color.

But now that Black Friday is almost here, with only a couple of hours between you and the amazing discounts prevailing, your hopes are definitely high as your eyes are focused on MAC. The good news is that the cosmetics brand is also participating in the discount drill.

This simply translates into the best news for the day. Because for MAC cosmetics lovers, the Black Friday deals are nothing less than a blessing. As for the MAC lovers on a budget, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

So what do we have from MAC? There are two on-fire deals that will get your heart on the dance floor. Uno, at the Dillard’s, US the brand allows you to buy one and get one at a 50% discounted price. So if you get that lipstick on which your eyes were set, you can get another for only half the price!

There is one thing to keep in mind though and it is that the other product, which will be given away at a slashed price ought to be equal to the price or should be lower than the item being purchased at the full price. Of course, it has to be a fair play, right?

Duos, if you happen to spend $100 or more than that, you will be blessed with a 20% off on your entire purchase. Seems like you will have to reserve your money in advance for the MAC cosmetics for sure. After all, such offers fly away in a blink, so don’t miss the sale, ladies!