June 26, 2022

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MacOS Ventura: Here is a list of the best features coming soon on your Mac

Come on in (or if you’re the beta type in July) you’re going to appreciate the true value of the MacOS Ventura.

Announced on WWDC 2022, Apple finally improves multitasking on Macs, bringing your iPhone closer to your Mac device and replacing common apps like Mail. Here are some of the best features that will come to your Mac later this year.

Level Manager: Apple enhances multitasking

Multitasking has always been a problem on MacOS, and with Ventura, Apple is making big improvements. The operating system comes with a new feature called Stage Manager. It can sit on the left side of your Mac screen and trim open windows and apps, so you can focus on what you are doing.

This A big change from the current system, If you slow down the app or send it to the background, you may lose focus on it. Apps are buried behind where you work or get stuck in the dock.

The new Stage Manager works similarly to the Windows 11 Snap Groups feature in the Windows taskbar. You can compile your windows in this area while working on projects and pop up them as needed from the left side of your screen. You can switch between windows through the Stage Manager, and send content from your desktop to the app via its Stage Manager shortcut.

Series Camera: Use your iPhone as a webcam

If you do not have one of the newer models, you do not have the best webcam on your Mac. Well, with the continuous camera, Apple wants to enhance your video calling experience. That’s why it ranks second on our list of the best Magos Ventura features.

This way, your iPhone can detect and use your Mac when the camera is near. You can connect to the Mac wirelessly without having to pick up or pick up the phone.

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Best of all? The best camera features of your iPhone will work on your Mac as well. Portrait mode and the ultra-wide angle lens open up on your Mac, so you can better view your calls and show off your desktop. You can also use the new Studio Lite feature, which will brighten your face while dimming your background.

According to Apple, the continuous camera works on the iPhone XR or later. Continuous camera requires a Mac and Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth enabled iPhone or iPad, and both devices must be signed in with the same Apple ID with two-factor authentication.

Mail application update

It may have taken too long to send an email to your Mac due to infection. Third-party apps like Outlook have long been known to be more comprehensive than Apple’s mail application, but Apple is finally improving its own MacOS mail experience with a number of useful new features.

Corrected your typos and misspellings and improved the search to be faster and better. This will give you quick access to the latest emails and documents. Also, you can schedule emails and cancel the message after pressing the send button. Not to mention system reminders for retrieving a message, automatic follow-up suggestions and smart reminders for missed CCs and attachments.

Other innovations

Platform manager, serial camera and mail application are the three main features of MacOS Ventura, but there are many more. Apple has upgraded iOS and watch applications to be compatible with iOS and introduced the new System Preferences app to be compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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In addition, Spotlight has been improved, with cleaner navigation, faster performance and the ability to transfer FaceTime calls from Mac to iPhone. Not to mention the new digital key password management system and gaming experience. There is also a new color calibration feature that will ensure that your Mac and iPad fit exactly to those who work with this accuracy.

Last year’s major Mac update, MacOS Monterey, was launched on October 25th. If Apple sticks to the same table, by the same date of 2022 everyone should have these MacOS Ventura features on their Mac.