December 8, 2021

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MacBook Pro M1 Pro / Max Review: New Final Definitions

Is the new MacBook Pro M1 Pro / Max a game changer as Apple says? A section of the press answered this question the day before their publication. Some people like to talk about it because these selected media only have machines for a few days“Records” Than the whole test. There are so many new things to study and I have to say that autonomy is terrible …

MacBook Pro 14 “and 16”. Image CNET

Outside, everything changes for the better

Thinness and no over-simplification, the 14 “or 16” MacBook Pro takes the thickness, weight and ports! The design of these new machines is very reminiscent of experts PowerBook G4. 2020 MacBook Air, Brian Heater Tech Crunch He found that the difference in weight of the MacBook Pro 14 “(1.6 kg versus 1.29 kg) was significant.

The return of the HDMI port, SD card reader and MagSafe port is unanimously welcomed. “A snap of that magnetic cable took me back to the mid-2010s. The cable even has an LED to indicate the charge level.”, Says Jason Snell Six colors. From Nilay Patel only On the edge The SD reader (when UHS-II and UHS-III are present) and the HDMI port (2.0, while 2.1 works better) are not of the latest generation.

Picture The Verge

Dropping the touch bar in favor of classic (and full-size) function keys is viewed favorably by all testers. In general, the keyboard “Works and it works well up to the reverse T arrows. Apple was good at sticking to the classics., Says Jason Snell. Nilay Patel, he is again worried that this completely black keyboard will get dirty quickly.

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The screen of the new MacBook Pro is determined “Incredible” By many testers. When it has no word “Incredible” Hired “Awesome”. It combines the two Une by mini-LED (Technology introduced in the iPad Pro 12.9 “2021) 120Hz update rate for clear rendering and excellent smoothness. Jason Snell notes that all apps take a while to ignite.

And then that famous climax? There are those who forget it immediately and those who do not … In the beginning. “It simply came to our notice then [cette encoche] Spreads across your screen. But after a few hours or a few days, it mixes in the background and you forget about it., Writes Don Ackerman CNET.

Picture The Verge

At this peak is the 1080p webcam, which is the best Apple has integrated into its laptops. A section of the press is still hungry, whereas iPads have recently had a framework centered on webcams and functionality.

Speakers make a strong impact. These are absolutely the best on the laptop for Todd Hazelton CNBC : “They have excellent bass and can fill an entire room with sound. They also support spatial audio. […] It makes it look like sound is coming from everywhere. “

Inside, everything changes for the better

If the exterior of the 2021 MacBook Pro attracts journalists, what about the interior? In Geekbench’s CPU testing, the M1 Max chip (10-core CPU) did not perform better than the M1 at one center, but it scored 11,715 points against 7,545, pulverizing it into multi – core. Jason Snell picked up an interesting point. In comparison: “Le MacBook Pro [M1 Max] Upgrade my iMac Pro [8 cœurs] In all but one test. “

For example, compiling a processor in Xcode takes 18 seconds with the MacBook Pro 14, 30 seconds with the MacBook Air M1 and 36 seconds with the iMac Pro. Let’s mention that this is an inflatable machine provided by Apple. For testers: M1 Max with 32-core GPU and 64 GB RAM. The performance of the M1 Pro is limited to a 16-core GPU, which will be a tone down in the graphics area.

However, whether we talk about the M1 Pro or the M1 Max, the performance is not disappointing. “We expected significant improvements in performance, but we did not expect some real terrible gains.”, Summarize the expertsAnandtech, Which, as usual, provides a comprehensive technical analysis. And add:

[En matière de CPU], These chips are not only capable of surpassing any other laptop, but also compete with the best desktop processors. To be more advanced than the M1 Max, you need to search for hardware from the server domain. It’s absurd.

On the GPU side, the M1 Pro is twice as fast as the M1 and the M1 Max is four times faster. Anandtech. Perfect machines to play with, then? Forget that MacOS is even worse rendered with video games, and that Apple’s silicon framework is less compatible with Windows x86. But this power is useful for all applications using graphics acceleration.

Not to mention the neural engine and bore accelerators dedicated to machine learning tasks. Thanks to them, 01 Net It was able to run seven 8K streams (8192×4320 pixels, at Apple ProRes 422, at 30 fps) without slowing down. What’s even more incredible is that this firepower often works quietly. The aluminum base heats up, but you have to push the machine to its limit to hear the fans, he says. Tech Crunch.

Image TechCrunch

You forgot that MacBook Pros are laptops, it would be a shame because they shine when moving. Tech Crunch Apple TV’s 17h30 + video playback autonomous measured with 14 “model. 01 Net 16 “General purpose clocked at 5:18 pm and video playback at 1:22 pm. To avoid this, the MagSafe cable can recharge the system 50% in just 30 minutes.

To be completed temporarily

Bring out party offers and streamers, the new MacBook Pros seem to be fulfilling their deal, and they are doing it in the best possible way. “This combination of raw power, unique acceleration and sheer fuel efficiency is unmatched anywhere else.”, Ends Anandtech.

These MacBook Pros are not cheap, Jason Snell points out, but it’s okay because it’s part of the lessons Apple has learned over the past five years:

MacBook Pros are tools for business users and should be designed with their needs in mind. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, developer or any other job that requires significant computing power, your computer has finally arrived.

After reading all the tests, the MacBook Pros seems to be unbeatable … until the next Mac Apple Silicon.

We will test them as soon as the 2021 MacBook Pros are available tomorrow. Feel free to ask us your questions in the comments.