Many times our birthdays go silent minus any celebrations. It could be for any reason really. Maybe you are in the doldrums or maybe no one remembers. Or simply, your birthday just committed suicide in the forgetful spirals in your beloved ones’ minds. Regardless of the reason, we all want to make the day special. Or let’s take another side of the picture.

You are hip and happening and no one can stop you from partying at your birthday. You have enjoyed to the brim but a surprise comes your way, a total big surprise that will leave you merry to the peak. And you will never guess, the surprise is from one of your favorite makeup brands, MAC!

Before you go running around in circles with all the excitement flooding your body, know that MAC has just exploded the news that it will be remembering its addicted lovers on their birthdays. This coming year, MAC is going to be making some changes.

In fact, this MAC makeover is the one truly deserved by its addicted fans. All those people who are devoted members of the cosmetics brand are eligible for a surprise gift during their birth month.

The MAC Select Members are truly loved ones. All the committed fans out there already enjoy some great privileges due to their select membership. However, in this coming year, MAC is going to be throwing wonder bombs on its devotees.

The brand is an already loved one. There are lots of people who love the makeup items and even more than that they love spending their cash on the cosmetics. So for those people, this is an amazing news. For those who are not part of the MAC Select Members committee, go on and join already!