Mac is synonymous with a gorgeous pout that no girl can ever decline. It is a favorite brand among girls and celebrities alike with several of its shades having formed a cult-like following. One just looks at them and there is no putting them down. It is as if the shades come with an addictive spell that has us all captivated by the beauty of the color itself and the beauty that it lends to our lips. Here are a few lip shades by Mac that are an absolute necessity for the divas out there.

Ruby Woo

Red lipsticks are a gamble. They are part risk and park success with the determining point being your skin tone that advises which red to use. But Mac’s ruby woo clears the entire confusion fog and by being available for every color tone it dissolves all the complexion boundaries. Ruby woo is the red that you’ve got to get.


Whirl is the very definition of dirty rose that makes you stand out. In Mac’s history, this is the second bestselling shade after ruby woo. The shade looks marvelous on every skin tone with a senior artist of Mac, Regan Rabanal describing it as, “It’s almost like a pink latte.” You definitely want this hue in your lip color collection.


This lip shade is the berry blast o-la-la shade you always wanted. The color is a perfect blend of red, pink, and brown that will make you go wow. It is the perfect addition to your lipstick frenzy.

Lady Be Good

The liquid color is tinged in a soft peachy tone with warm undertones that suit all skin tones. It is the perfect hue you would want sitting in your handbag on a hot summer day.

Viva Glam V

This is a universal nude shade that is an absolute necessity for all the girls and women out there. The nude hue compliments almost all skin tones and goes with nearly all the outfits hanging in your dresser, which makes it a must-have. A plus point that will melt your heart to fluff is that the all the purchases from Mac’s Viva Glam line are dedicated to its Aids Fund so that you cannot simply deny buying this shade at all.

Divine Divine

It is a pretty pink shade that imitates a strawberry smoothie’s radiance. It is an ultimate pink for lunches or daytime outings which looks best on neutral to medium skin tones. The shade is a feminine pick; you would not want to strike it off your Mac lipstick-haves checklist.


Confused between reds and pinks? Or are you among the divas who reign the thin line between pinks and reds? Then you have got the lip color of your dreams. Impassioned is a warm, pop of red-pink complex that throws the spotlight on you. Above the complexities of color complexion, this lush fuchsia magenta queen of colors is for all and sundry, ever ready to make you glow bright.

High Drama

With the plum color all over the place, this shade is a healthy and trendy addition to your lip color kit. It is particularly a chic color; the sort that makes you feel like a diva on a ramp.

Please Me

Looking for a soft, rosy pink that has you melting to butter? Then it is finally time that you offer your thanks to the Makeup Goddess for giving Mac the courage to come with this pleasing and oh-so-sophisticated color. It is really just an innocent pink with a dash of flirty undertones. You wouldn’t be able to tear your eyes away from the mirror, ogling that perfectly rosy pout, which is ready to conquer the world at all times.