You know that feeling you feel when two souls you really admire finally get married? After the first few moments of excitement at the news, you are like wow, guys, bless you. I’m not even crying happy tears. This is exactly what we felt when MAC made an announcement this Saturday about its collaboration with Puma. Yep, you heard that right.

While fans are used to MAC doing awesome collaborations, this is unlike anything it has done before. The beauty brand has shaken hands with celebrities (think Nicki Minaj and Rossy de Palma) but this is perhaps one of its first steps toward a project with another brand. MAC posted a teaser video that was simple in black with both the brands’ logos and the silhouette of a sneaker.

The post was captioned, “Your favourite hues take a big step in a whole new direction! Stay tuned for a kickin’ collaboration, coming soon. #PUMAxMAC #ForAllTime @Puma @PumaSportStyle” There has so far been no post from Puma’s side so no one has any idea as to what this collaboration is going to be about.

This, of course, shook the internet’s floor and elicited cries of joy from all corners of the world. One person informed the world about her readiness to spend her bucks on this collection, “#PUMAxMAC GOT ME HYPE . TAKE MY MONEYYYYYY” Another expressed her thrill by making use of about nine exclamation marks, “!!!!!! PUMAxMAC !!! OMFG IM SCREAMING IM DUMPING SO MUCH MONEY ON THIS”

An excited Instagrammer commented, “Omg I can’t wait my favourite thing lipstick and trainers🙌🏼🙌🏼 where do I sign😂” While another said, “This colab dosent make sense lol.. like how?? What, huh!!??? But it’s different so this has to be pretty sickkk when revealed lol!! I cannot wait!👌🏽🔥✨” With scores of more comments filled with friends tagged, the news has erupted on the internet like wildfire.

This person commented what we have all been thinking, “dammmmnnn how are they going to do this?” Alas since neither of the brands has revealed much, everyone is biting their nails in anticipation waiting for someone to tell them something at least. The sneaker outline that the teaser shows suggests that this can be about a footwear/streetwear collection, something that many fans are betting on.

Then again since the caption reads “Your favourite hues take a big step in a whole new direction” this can also be about athleisure makeup. Mystery or no mystery, we do have high hopes and one thing that everyone knows well is that MAC never disappoints. The MAC x Robert Lee Miller team-up had people barging into stores, all smiles and this time around, we expect the same.

Make sure your wallets are filled for when the time comes this collection is going to sell at super speed. MAC and Puma’s partnership, though unexpected, was bound to happen. Considering Rihanna who is Puma’s creative director has been mega successful with her beauty range Fenty Beauty. The Rude Boy singer’s Puma x Fenty collection had people clapping like delighted seals in the Fashion Week’s shows.

The two powerhouses have got everyone wondering and churning out possibilities. Whether we get classy new shades of lipsticks that invade our handbags for life or sweatproof foundations, we’re in for this. We’re also totally excited if this will be a streetwear collection, one with popping colors! The MAC x PUMA collection will be dropping in 2018. Till then, let’s scrape for bits of news everywhere on the internet.