The company of MAC is known all around the world for the high quality of products that it offers to its customers. No matter which product you pick up to examine, you would realize that its quality would be class apart.

Just like all the previous beauty essentials offered by it, the newly launched MAC Glow Play Blush Haul also fulfills the expectations of the customers. This is the exact reason why in most of the stores, this product has gone sold out. The loyal customers of MAC who know the real worth of the products launched by this company always opt for pre-booking, which aids them in getting their hands on the new products as soon as they are launched.

The Genesis Of The Collection

This new collection by MAC comes with a lot of related items. The entire collection entails Eye shadows in single compilation worth 18 dollars for each shadow, lipsticks of varied shades that come for 20 dollars each, lip glosses worth 18.5 dollars each along with skin finishes, with each coming with the price tag of 37 dollars.

Alongside this, there is a complete collection of glow play brushes, which comes at the price of merely 30 dollars. This collection comes with a lot of brushes, with each one of them offering a different function to the user.

The Eye Shadows

Eyeshades that are a part of this MAC Glow Play Blush collection are quite soft. Compared to the powered shadows that are usually manufactured by MAC, these are much less intense. Hence, these can easily be used for the evening looks, when women opt for soft eyes and dark lips. A primer applied before these eye shadows give them a long-lasting condition.

The Colors

This particular collection by MAC comes with monochromatic shades, making it a much sought-after product for all the monochrome lovers. If you are one of those who look forward to applying the same color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips, this collection is the perfect choice for you. It will add to the sophistication of your overall look, no matter you use it for a day event or an evening one.

The Packaging

This entire collection by MAC comes in clear cases. These clear cases make the usage of the products quite easy. This is because the user can see how much of the product is remaining, without having to open it entirely. Alongside this, the shades are easy to recognize, as the covering is clear, and the user doesn’t have to open the product to view the shade.

The Experience

The color range of this collection is extremely satisfactory, with the silk feel adding to its smoothness. The finish offered by it further adds to its luxurious experience. No matter you are a fan of a glamorous look or a minimal one, this collection would provide you immense satisfaction once you use it for your makeover. In a nutshell, this MAC Glow Play Blush collection is what you should order right now!