While we are all pros at doing makeup and keeping track of the new shades in town, we often forget about the vital skincare. It is an unintentional slip in our minds. But worry not, for there is a new primer in town. And it is called MAC Fix Plus.

The MAC Prep + Prime Fix is the reprieve that you skin begs for. The primer instantly gives your skin the glow that it deserves. After all, doesn’t it make you look good and carries all the makeup obediently.

The MAC Fix Plus is packed with vitamins that give a kick of moisture. The Pro Vitamin B5 formula along with botanicals such as cucumber and chamomile restore your tired, weather-ravaged, or sensitive skin.

The primer is perfect for refreshing and reinvigorating your tired skin. You can use it solo or you can simply spritz it on your makeup. This will help to enhance the life of your makeup as well as make you look fresh. You can use it both before and after your makeup for instant hydration. And the primer fix plus will help you to set your powder or foundation too.

The Prep + Prime Fix is available in four permanent scents. These include Lavender, Rose, Coconut, and the original herbal aroma. The lightweight formula of this primer also helps to make your complexion look refreshed. At the same time, it hydrates. So, you can use it for setting your makeup, hydrating your skin, refreshing your skin, weather-proofing your look, and extending the time you wear your makeup.

The MAC Fix Plus is available on the MAC website. You can grab any shade you like with each bottle marked at a price of $26. The bottle contains 100 ml of the magical refreshing primer so that you can set, refresh, and reinvigorate.