With Santa wiggling down the chimney and sprinkling all that soot on your face, you will definitely need to cleanse your skin. More precisely, your dirt-filled pores. MAC understands this and exactly this is why it is dropping a new skincare line named MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Total Detox. This set of products would make for a lovely new year’s gift from you your yourself!

These new products rely on the power of charcoal, a skincare agent that can do miracles when it comes to improving your skin’s condition. The two new products that this line would feature include a Reset and Revive Charcoal Mask that would come for $31, and a Water Charcoal Spray that will be priced at $26.

Both of these are supposed to be used in combination with MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (which is available for $31) but that is entirely up to you. You can choose which one of these you would like to incorporate into your routine or use all three. This assortment would be a perfect starter pack for those who would like to add charcoal to their beauty regime.

Dominic Skinner, MAC Cosmetics’ Global senior artist, took to Instagram to tell followers that he has given both the products a try. He posted a shot of the pair and wrote, “⭐️I’ve been using the #FaceMask for a few months now (as seen on IG Stories! 🙈) & #ILoveIt! It’s a proper – draws out all the crap in your skin – mask and leaves #Skin soft & awake. Truly #Amazing!! ⭐️”

MAC Cosmetics calls this two skin-detoxifying products’ line, “literal magnet for toxins.” When you feel your skin is looking dull and tired, these would work to pull out all the blackheads, grime, and dirt from deep within your skin and give you a fresh look.

The packaging of both the products is shiny and sleek. Give your skin a boost with these deep cleansers. Set to come to select stores and online on Dec 26 and internationally releasing from Jan 4. Write down that resolution, “This year, I swear on my MAC makeup, I’ll take expert care of my skin.”