Selena Gomez is not just a style inspiration for many of her fans but for Lucy Hale too. In an interview with People, the former Pretty Little Liars star revealed that she was about to go for a major hair transformation. She said, “I’m getting my hair done in like a week, and I don’t know what I’m going to do but it will probably be something drastic because I don’t have to film for a little bit.”

But while the 28-year-old is not sure about what exactly she would get done, she does seem to be in the mood to follow Gomez’s footsteps. “I could be coming out with a different color. I have to do something different because I get so bored,” explained Hale.

When the topic of the Disney alum’s move to surprise by switching from brown to blonde came up, Lucy expressed her views on it saying, “I saw Selena and she looked so good, I was like ‘Yes!’ That was good inspiration. When it comes to beauty, I would try anything.” The Life Sentence star’s name has often been mentioned in the same sentence as Gomez’s with so many thinking they are each other’s doppelgangers!

The previous year, a lot of actresses embraced an entirely new look and shunned their brunette tresses. Take, for instance, Lily Collins, Ariana Grande, and even another PPL alum, Troian Bellisario. In another recent interview too, Lucy talked about fashion and defined her styling game to aim to be fun.

She defined what fashion meant for her saying, “I think that fashion for me is how I express my personality, obviously for a lot of people, but I think in the business in what I do, I get to try different things and new things and push the boundaries and do things left of center which is fun.”

She also revealed that her fashion inspiration comes from Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, “I always want my street look to look like Mary-Kate and Ashley’s because they’re little too!” That’s very relatable and humble of her, no?