We all have our doors shut to some words; terms that we hate so badly that when we notice someone using them we start hating on them too! Much like us, Lucy Hale also abhors a slang term that can make or break a relationship for her. The Pretty Little Liars alum prefers to keep the word “Bae” at bay.

Hale talked about pop culture and the stuff that she doesn’t like while backstage at The Tonight Show. And guess what? Bea is not the only word that the Life Sentence star doesn’t like; “hubby” is another term she’d rather not use at all.

“The terms bae, hubby or wife…make me want to hurl! If someone called me bae, I’d break up with him. It just wouldn’t work out,” said the 28-year-old. Ouch! It’s a pretty silly term though, so we do agree with Lucy on this one. The actress also said that icy grey hair is not her fav.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Hale while talking about the Instagram-popular trend “Like, why? It’s just gonna happen later on.” While she’s not a big fan of icy grey dye, Lucy Hale did mention in a previous interview that she was inspired by Selena Gomez’s blonde hair that the Wolves singer had surprised everyone with.

“I saw Selena and she looked so good,” said Lucy. “I was like ‘Yes!’ That was good inspiration. When it comes to beauty, I would try anything.” She talked about other stuff as well in her interview backstage, which you can catch here:

In another recent interview, the star also revealed that she might be retaking her role as Aria for a minor scene in the PLL spin-off The Perfectionists. “I might just drop in a scene somewhere, or work in a coffee shop…we’ll see. Who knows what Aria’s up to these days?…I’m very interested in seeing how they’re meshing that with PLL.” However, she is currently not a part of the new show.