The last few days have been stress-packed for fans of Marvel due to a disagreement between Sony and Disney. With news headlines disclosing that Spiderman has left the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people on the internet expressed how they were sad and wanted both the companies to think about fans rather than money.

Some sided with Disney saying that it deserved more than 5% of the share in profits as it handled the creative end of the project completely. Others thought that Disney was being greedy and shouldn’t have demanded a larger share. Hashtag Sony Is Over Party started trending on Twitter with several many Marvel fanatics slamming the enterprise for taking away a beloved character.

However, now it seems that things have been sorted between the two giants. All thanks to Robert Downey Jr. Basically, what has happened is that Tom Holland has shared a series of pictures today, all with the Iron Man lead. The two actors who play mentor and son in the MCU seem to be enjoying quality time together, hiking in nature.

The last shot posted shows them both holding each other’s action figures with the caption reading, “We did it Mr Stark!” Fans think these pictures and their caption are an indication that Spiderman is back in the game. The first comment of the post is by Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the MCU. Ruffalo has commented with three crying emojis whereas Jacob Batalon has typed “Thanks for telling me.”

Assumedly, Batalon was referring to the deal being finalized and him being in the dark about it. One fan commented, “K can y’all be positive for once in your life omg. maybe the caption “we did it” MEANS THAT sony and marvel reworked a deal, and tom is the first to tease this to us. look my fingers are crossed.” Another echoed the same thoughts saying, “please let the caption be saying that youre back in the mcu.”

Yet another comment read, “Very happy to see the deal that marvel and Sony worked out on, honestly the MCU wouldn’t be the same without you.” So that’s good news, isn’t it? When it was revealed that Spiderman wouldn’t be part of the Avengers anymore, even celebs spoke out about the topic.

Jeremy Renner requested Sony to let Spiderman be back and fans even threatened that they wouldn’t watch a movie of Spiderman that wasn’t Marvel-made. Several commented on RDJ’s pictures on Instagram. They insisted him to make the two companies work out a deal. However, these pictures do not mean that Iron Man will be resurrected as he died in Avengers: Endgame. But but but, there can always be a miracle and may be both Spidey and Iron Man can be back!