Are people imagining things or is Selena Gomez really sending hints to Justin Bieber and vice versa? The latter seems to be the case. The Wolves singer posted a picture of hers on Instagram – which is very normal – and added a caption that suggested she was speaking to Justin Bieber!

Jelena’s on-again off-again relationship has been in the spotlight for the past few months. After Selena Gomez parted ways with The Weeknd, her affair with Justin Bieber, who she was in a relationship in the past as well, started. The former Disney actress was spotted in the Baby songster’s embraces.

Then they decided to stop hanging out together and it all crumbled. Quite unexpectedly though considering Gomez was present at Bieber’s father’s wedding ceremony as well. However, they might not be in each other’s arms, but they surely are in each other’s words!

Gomez’s latest caption reads, “I wanna hold you when I’m not supposed to…” Is this just a snippet of her upcoming song? Or is this her saying something to Bieber? Fans bet its both! The 25-year-old recently told the audience about her next song. It’s called “Back to You” and this song will also be a part of the second season of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Also, is there not a hint in the name of this song too? Don’t blame us, everyone thinks so! This isn’t the first time these two lovebirds have sent each other hints. Solidifying all these theories is the latest report by Hollywood Life.

According, a source told the publication that Selena isn’t over Bieber yet. “Selena still cares for Justin very deeply. He will always be her first real love, and she thinks about him all the time,” said the insider. A previous report also says that Bieber also “misses” Gomez.

The source further added, “Selena thinks he is one of the most talented guys she has ever known, and she listens to his music almost every day. Even though things between them aren’t perfect right now, hearing his songs keeps him close to her heart.” Hmm, interesting.