Just when we thought that the Justin-Selena love equation had reached its end, it has gotten even more complicated. The Sorry singer is not having the best time of his life knowing that his ex is battling health issues.

Guess who we’re feeling for right now? Hailey Baldwin. This all must be really difficult for her. The latest report that reads Selena and Justin’s names together says that the Canadian crooner is feeling “confused and conflicted” because of whatever is going on.

A source reported to E! News, “They have both had emotional struggles and bonded over that in the past.” The insider also added that, “Justin and Selena are not in touch but him hearing the news about Selena definitely upsets him. Justin also feels guilty. He wants to help everyone. He truly wants Selena to be happy, and it’s upsetting to know she’s battling health issues.”

Justin and Selena restarted their on-again, off-again relation in November last year only to take a break 5 months later in March. Turns out the break was a breakup as Bieber was quick to move on from his ex with another ex, Hailey Baldwin. He was so quick that he even tied the knot with Baldwin in September this year.

A source said to People, “He may or may not have made a mistake with his recent marriage, but he was extremely upset over what has happened to Selena.” Only one month into his married life with Hailey Baldwin and their marriage is already being used in the same sentence as the word ‘mistake.’

This report came only a few days following another such news. A source told US Weekly recently that the 24-year-old “has so much going for him but he doesn’t feel whole,” and that he is “not OK.” That does not sound like good news, now does it?

Not only has the Wolves singer’s recent hospitalization shaken JB, but his whirlwind romance with Hailey also had an adverse impact on Selena’s wellbeing. Contrary to what we wanted to believe, Justin can be blamed for Selena’s compromised health.

“Selena can be a delicate flower, especially because she has had constant medical struggles, but Justin’s engagement and quick marriage threw her off guard and hit her hard,” another source has told People magazine.

“Justin was her first big love, and she isn’t over him,” added the insider. Yet another source has reported that Gomez is a sensitive person and “having Justin’s relationship everywhere isn’t easy.” At the same time, reports also say that Justin Bieber is “very serious” about Hailey Baldwin.

That is why he married her. To show her this time that he was serious. But then why is he feeling “conflicted?” Justin was also spotted crying twice after Selena Gomez’s hospitalization. Once, when he was headed to church alone, hiding his face beneath his messy hair.

The second time, when he was in the car with Hailey Baldwin who looked straight ahead, stone-faced. Justin is unable to concentrate on anything nowadays, from creating music to all other things. However, some reports also claim that Justin’s gloomy mood the past week has nothing to do with Selena’s hospitalization.

He has been spotted hanging out with his wife at several spots in recent days. Meanwhile Selena Gomez, who is seeking mental health treatment currently, has put her career on hold for now.