May 19, 2022

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Logitech Signature M650 Review: A Convenient and Affordable Wireless Office Mouse


In terms of construction, the materials used are not as high quality as the MX Masters, but the design is quite extensive. The plastic is overall soft, except for the sides, which have a raised rubber coating for better grip.

The coating prevents fingers from slipping.

The coating prevents fingers from slipping.

The mouse is not part of the ergonomics range of Logitech, but on this page we feel the effort. The edges have a shape with pronounced curves, which gives a good reception to the thumb. On the other hand, the symmetrical design is not very pleasant for the opposite fingers (especially the little and middle fingers) which do not really benefit from this curve. We like the shape of the MX Master, which fits well in the hand, but it is very imposing.

The palm grip is best.

To take Hold the palm The better.

L size (41.5 x 65.6 x 118 mm 111 g – with battery) We tested the mouse. So it’s not easy, it’s not so important in office automation. The battery provided should provide about 2 years of autonomy, depending on the applications.

It is located under the mouse card, next to the Logibold housing, and the brand’s small wireless receiver is gradually being replaced. Dongle Integration. You can connect the mouse to your computer via this receiver or via Bluetooth. The straps under the mouse are made of PTFE, thus ensuring smooth sliding.

Under temporary storage.

In total, the Signature M650 has 5 buttons. The two main clicks are perfectly quiet, which is one of the strengths of the mouse in an open space so as not to disturb its neighbors. There are two secondary clicks on the thumb and one click on the wheel.

The grip is nice, but not exactly.

The grip is nice, but not exactly.

The latter benefits of SmartWheel technology provide much less scrolling, but are smoother if you want to go faster. On the other hand, it’s not completely free, unlike the MX Master 3’s MagSpeed, but this hybrid solution is interesting and avoids having to press anywhere to select notch mode or free mode. That too is very quiet.

Strong points

  • Quiet buttons and wheel.

  • Bluetooth and Logifold connection.

  • Better autonomy.

  • Efficient SmartWheel.

  • Available in wide and left hand versions.

Weak points

  • Many devices have no connections.

  • No horizontal scroll wheel.


We tested what we wanted
Global marker

Author Rating: 4 out of 5

How does standardization work?

The Signature M650 is a nice wireless mouse that has the advantage of being completely silent. It’s nice to use and has some practical features, but it’s not as advanced as the MX Masters, I can admit they are superior. Its battery and its enormous autonomy are assets. We regret the lack of multiple device connectivity in other models, but the quality / price ratio will eventually turn out to be very interesting.

Supplementary notes

  • Ergonomics

    Author Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Accuracy

    Author Rating: 4 out of 5

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