January 17, 2022

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“Live or not live?” : Ad (love is in the meadow) Too bad, her alarm …

Anger roars. On Instagram, Ad, Revealed the farmer in the thirteenth season Love is in the meadow In 2018, he shared his discomfort with more than 25,000 loyal subscribers. This British dairy farmer is in a dilemma. She explains herself in the story and record A shout.

This is an interview with Laticia, a farmer who decided to sell his farm. “Start to live“, It annoys the beautiful Audi. The one who leaves the agricultural world points out the high workload and hence the lack of income. Testimony Speaking to a former participant in the show Dating From the M6. “When you look at the article about the Goat Breeder who won the Cheese Award, you know that the ones who stopped the business, changed the industry, and raised are the slaves of our world,” she laments.

And Ad didn’t stop there. The mother of little Louan (7 years old) and Raphael (2 years old), who was born out of her love for her shooter Christopher on the show, shares Laticia’s opinion. “This is how many people, including me, feel! Continue or stop, live or die? The reason for all this is that Leclerc (com is so good!) And the company refuses to cut their margins … make no mistake, prices will explode for consumers, and we grow,, She regrets. Only supermarkets will explode their profits. Dairy products, vegetables (canned or frozen), meat … the shortage has begun, it is not yet known in stores, and it will affect the whole world.

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