Once upon a time, there was a Natasha. Natasha was always in a haste. She had a busy life with parties, studies, and events constantly hanging over her head like a sword that would fall if she lost her balance. So she had no time for herself.

She rushed from one place to another constantly and applied her makeup on her way. Her life was perfect even though she didn’t have the luxury of having some spare time to herself. Everyone was envious of her. The only thing imperfect was her lipstick.

It didn’t stay on for longer and because she couldn’t magically conjure time to perfect the look of her lips, her lipstick was constantly wiggling its way out of her lip line. Ridiculous! This is what kept ruining her look.

People looked up to her but at the same time sniggered at her tacky lipstick game. Then one day, she found something that changed her life forever; lip crayons. And thereon, she lived happily ever after.

Okay wow, that was a great story *clap clap* that had a lovely moral: lip crayons can change your life for the better. Are you wondering why and how? Let’s enlighten you.

Get the perfect pout.

Lipsticks are tricky. You have to sketch them on in a bright light and with lots of care to ensure your application is not messy. With lip crayons, you can toss the worry of sloppy lines out the window.

They are totally understanding.

A good lip crayon is empathic. It gets that you are too busy to have a minute to yourself and thus it glides across your lips as smoothly as a perfect ballerina dances and ta-da! Easy application makes it a time-saver.

They are every-fabulous-thing at once.

Lip crayons can double up as a lipstick, a lip balm, a gloss yadda, yadda, yadda. They are like the BB cream of lip products. So, whatever look you want to achieve, you can do it with the help of this one lip crayon.

They believe in diversity.

Lip crayons come in all forms; balm, matte, sheeny. So, you have a lot to choose from. Remember all good things give you the option to choose. And lip crayons do just that.

They last. all. Day. long.

Go for the right lip crayon and it might as well be around all day and night like not even your best friend would be. You can go through the day without having to reapply as their stain can last on your lips for looong. Isn’t that sweet?

They are not silly.

They don’t need a sharpener. Because what are we? Kids? You just twist the bottom of your lip crayon and the rounded end makes its way out. It isn’t supposed to have a pointed tip because that would be very lip liner-ish.

They are sisterly.

Lip crayons are like big sisters of lipsticks and lip glosses because they support them. Apply a layer of lip crayon beneath another lip product and have it last longer. That’s so nice of them, even your own siblings aren’t as lovely.

Adorable, cute, pretty, useful, beneficial. Basically perfect.

Lip crayons come with dozens of merits. Like hey, are your lips going all dry and flaky? Go for that hydrated lip crayon. Wanna make your lips shimmer? Or want to make them appear healthier? Lip crayons are always going to be there for you.

They come with amazing nourishing ingredients, shea butter and all that, and they also have anti-aging properties. Apply a lip crayon on cracked lips after exfoliating of course, and see the magic. What more could a girl want?