Every little girl ever has one dream; to star in a shampoo advertisement. Every hair flip makes that dream stronger and if you are the sort of person who takes a lot of care of her hair then the dream stays with you for long. Perhaps you still dream of it. Vlogger Lilly Singh sure did carry this dream with her and guess what? She’s achieved her dream! The 29-year-old is now officially a Pentene hair ambassador.

The haircare brand has been embracing diversity in its list of ambassadors lately. Last year Pentene welcomed Priyanka Chopra on board as its new face and this year Lilly is joining the brand’s new campaign. This is also a subtle nod to the fact that Indian beauties know all the secrets to luscious, beautiful locks.

Lilly expressed her excitement on this achievement of hers on her Instagram profile where she posted a series of shots. In the first one she was holding a Pentene product, her hair all shiny and oh-so-pretty. One shot of her being gorgeous with her long, thick, and silky mane. Two pictures with the Quantico star and even two funny mini videos with her.

The post was captioned in her signature humorous style, “I’m THRILLED to announce that I’m officially a Pantene girl! A lifetime of growing my hair has finally paid off. The ten year old me is shrieking! Special thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. It’s an absolute honour, especially to work alongside my sis Priyanka Chopra. *hair flip and out* 🙏🏽❤️”

Lily has now another amazing thing to add to her superb resume. Shaking hands with Pentene makes her one of the top influencers as she already has a strong social media following. Her YouTube channel has garnered about 12 million loyal subscribers. The positivity and humor promoter keeps posting pictures with her hair done in chic ways.

Earlier this year she also blessed fans with a video which shows her struggles with her long mane. Her locks reach down to her thighs after all. Singh told fans about how she uses shampoo like water and has to deal with people sitting on her hair! The videos also showed people about how bobby pins get lost in this superwoman’s hair. Cheers to the authenticity. We’re absolutely happy for Lily Singh and totally up for seeing her in Pentene ads!