They say a hair transformation can change your life. Probably that is why after every breakup comes a haircut. Lily Collins thinks the same. Not the breakup part, but the hair-can-change-your-life-part. Because the love Rosie star just debuted a shocking hair change and captioned her picture, “Not sure if it’s the blonde or this city, but I really am having more fun…”

Lily keeps changing the length of her hair from long and wavy to bobs and pixie cuts. But when it comes to her hair color, the furthermost her brown locks have ever veered is in the fiery red direction. Though the actress keeps experimenting with makeup, being the face of Lancome and all, there are two things that remain more or less the same; her deep brown mane and her bushy eyebrows. This time around though she has switched her signature brown to blonde.

In the picture, she posted on Instagram, Lily has little to no makeup and her cute face is surrounded by pale blonde locks with dark roots. Her brows? Thankfully still the same. Fans are of course surprised. But they are also loving this change! One commented, “Your almost unrecognizable. But it suits you. You rock every color I’ve seen on you. Beautiful 😊”

We couldn’t agree more. Remember when Lily had dyed her hair red and made a style statement? She never fails to do her hair color justice. But not all her fans are impressed. There are several who don’t like this change. One of them said, “Nooooo please just brown 😭😭”

Lily Collins isn’t the first actress who has taken the step to cross from brunette territory to a way lighter shade. Previously we saw Ariana Grande paint her dark brown hair to grey. Then just recently, Selena Gomez also ditched her chestnut mane for a pale blonde head. Looks like this is the season of embracing mega hair transformations.