Apparently, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse should get married and Lili is thrilled and relieved to know that.

The Riverdale actress took to Instagram stories to share the results of a Buzzfeed quiz she took that told her which Sprouse was meant to be her spouse.

The answer was an indication from the universe itself. It read ‘Cole’ and Lili’s reaction showed that she truly was holding her breath for the answer.

She wrote alongside the screenshot of the quiz, “Oh thank god.”

For a long time now, fans have been keeping an eye on Lili and Cole’s publicly unnamed relationship. The couple seems to be pretty close even though neither Cole nor Lili has confirmed that they are dating each other.

They spent Thanksgiving together when Lili took Cole to meet her parents for the night. They also wrote elaborate birthday messages for one another on Instagram. Talking about the picture-sharing app, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have posted several pictures there which are proof that they are not just friends. They’re definitely lovers.

For his birthday, Lili shared a picture of his along with the caption, “It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you. I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure. Happy birthday, my love.”

What’s more, Cole is Lili’s designated photographer who clicks even her intimate pictures. Don’t believe us? The former Disney star shared a topless picture of Lili for her birthday on Instagram. In the pic, Lili was seen covering herself with her hands.

In the caption, Cole wrote, “Both the birthday and the gift. My little muse, happy birthday my love.” While the Buzzfeed quiz’s results typically don’t mean much, since Lili knows Cole in person and they both are most probably in a relationship, we really hope they do end up getting married. Soon.