Lemons are super-rich in the nutritional department as they contain vitamins, plant compounds and fiber as well. This is why they can benefit health in more ways than one. Some health advantages offered by the citrus fruit are the following:

1 – Improves cardiovascular health

Lemon juice is great for your cardiovascular health. It contains potassium which plays a role in controlling high blood pressure. Lemon water also keeps dizziness and nausea at bay as it calms the body and mind.

2 – Supports weight loss

Lemon can also help on shed off excess pounds. You can squeeze out some fresh juice and add it in lukewarm water. Honey can also be included. Lemon water can increase the number of calories you burn. Pectin in lemons also suppresses your appetite.

3 – Prevents the formation of kidney stones

Lemons are rich sources of citric acid which supports metabolism. This weak acid prevents kidney stones. Those who do have the kidney stones problem can also be helped by lemons as the citric acid and ascorbic acid in it slow down kidney stone formation.

4 – Reduces the risk of cancer

The citrus fruit can also lower your risk of developing cancer. This is because some compounds in it may kill cancer cells. Moreover, D-limonene found in lemons does have anti-cancer properties. More studies are needed to prove these claims.

5 – Betters digestive health

Since lemons contain soluble fiber they can benefit digestive health. Lemons can improve gut health and may also reduce blood sugar markers. However, these benefits can only be found in lemon pulp, not in the juice, because that is where the fiber is present.

6 – Soothes respiratory disorders

Lemon juice is a calming agent which can help in relieving one of breathing problems. It can support the heath of a person who has asthma. This benefit of lemons is also long-term as it can help reduce prolonged respiratory problems.

7 – Stops internal bleeding

The citrus fruit boasts antiseptic as well as coagulant properties which is how it can curb one’s internal bleeding. In this regard, lemon juice can be applied inside the nose with a cotton bud to stop nose bleeds.

8 – Prevents health problems related to vitamin C deficiency

Lemons can also prevent a lot of health concerns or symptoms which are linked to a deficiency of vitamin C. These include anemia, joint problems, gingivitis, bleeding gums, dry and scaly skin, slow metabolic activity, and more.

Side effects of lemons

Too much lemon can also have adverse side effects. Here are some ways an excess of lemon intake can have unpleasant side effects:

1 – Worsens oral health

Lemons are acidic in nature which is why too much lemon juice can cause tooth enamel erosion. A research suggests that lemon water is as bad for your teeth as fizzy drinks. Moreover, lemons also worsen canker sores and make them more painful.

2 – Worsens heartburn

Lemon juice can activate pepsin by the reflux of digestive enzymes. Pepsin is an inactive enzyme that breaks proteins down. This is how lemons cause heartburn. However, some also believe that lemons relieve heartburn.

3 – Worsens peptic ulcers

Peptic ulcers are formed due to bacteria that causes inflammation. Lemons can also worsen peptic ulcers because they can make digestive juices too acidic. Likewise, other foods that are too acidic can also worsen peptic ulcers.

4 – Causes dehydration

Lemon juice has diuretic properties that can make one urinate more to flush out toxins from the body, but this can backfire if too much water is taken out. Furthermore, along with toxins, lemon may also remove excess sodium and electrolytes which can cause more problems.

5 – Upsets stomach

Lemon water can also cause acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disorder. This is because of its acidic nature. Lemon water is a rich source of vitamin C, excess of which can make one nauseous and cause vomiting.

6 – Causes Migraines

Those who already suffer from migraine attacks must avoid overdoing on lemon juice as lemons may cause extreme headaches. However, this adverse side effect of lemons is not confirmed. More research is needed to back it.

7 – Increase Iron

Vitamin C plays a role in the absorption of iron. Which means that if you take excess vitamin C, iron absorption is increased. Too much iron content in the blood can be dangerous as it can cause internal organ damage.

Key Takeaway

Like every fruit and vegetable, lemons must also be taken in moderation. They come with several health benefits as they speed up healing and metabolism, have anti-cancer effects, can support digestion and weight loss, etc. However, excess lemon juice can prove to be harmful as it may cause tooth enamel erosion, migraines, and over iron absorption.