What we are about to report might become the biggest gossip story collectively for the fans of Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita and Ray Diaz, the famous Instagram celebrities. A video posted by a fan page of Ray Diaz shows Lelepons cuddling with Ray in the bed and kisses him on the lips. Yes! You read that right!

But what shocked the fans more was when Ray didn’t just reply in response to the caption but also replied to several comments on the video, CONFIRMING that he and Lele were definitely dating.

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If you’re a Lele Pons fan, you might not find it a big deal as people break up/ Patch up all the time, but that’s not the issue here. The most surprising thing that has been revealed by Ray is that they were dating for a whole year which is not too long ago as it happened just last year in 2017.

Now here comes the most interesting part; 2017 is the year when Juanpa proposed Lele in front of the whole crowd present at MTV MIAW Awards in the month of July, followed by Lele saying Yes and kissing him onstage, proving their rumored relationship to be true.

Calling it a rumored relationship because we used to watch the closeness between Lele and Juanpa in their videos while assuming that they were a ‘thing’ but it is also true that Lele Pons never really acknowledged the fact that they were actually dating, instead she stated their relationship as a professional collaboration and nothing else, until the onstage proposal thing happened.

Ray has just claimed that He and Lele were together for a whole year but then they stopped seeing each other since August 13th of 2017, which happens to be Ray’s birthday too. Now if you analyze it from the timeline starting from the dates mentioned by Ray and the date of MTV awards 2017, you kind-of could get a hold of this entire story.

From Ray’s point of view, Lele pretended to be in a relationship with Juanpa while secretly dating Ray Diaz too between the years of 2016-2017. Ray claims that she lied to him about stuff, turned everyone against him and made him look bad.

Now if Lele Pons ever comes with an explanation to this, she could say that she thought it wasn’t working between her and Ray so she chose Juanpa over him. As claimed by Ray himself, he and Lele haven’t seen each other since last year’s august which is the the month after Juanpa proposed her. Starting a serious relationship with Juanpa might have made Lele Pons realize that she has to end things with Ray and so she did.

It is not the first time when Lele Pons is having a personal yet controversial tussle with one of her friends; Amanda Cerny, another top social media personality who happened to be Lele’s best friend too in the past declared their friendship over when, as claimed by Amanda, Lele messed up with her social media accounts out of jealousy.

So let us know what you think about it? Do you believe that a charming, funny and famous social media celebrity like Lele Pons could have a dark side not everybody knows about? Yeah yeah, we all have a dark side, but the kind of dark side we are talking about here is definitely not a common thing. 😉 Do share your opinion in the comment below.