For quite some time now, the air of the makeup universe has been abuzz with the gossip surrounding the Le Rouge Liquid Lipsticks. Excitement for Givenchy Beauty’s Le Rouge Liquid launch has been thick. Now, as the details have finally been unveiled after eons of waiting, the ripples of excitement have only multiplied.

As the name puts it, the Le Rouge Liquid Lipsticks are liquid-based formulas that give you non-sticky moisturized lips in a single coat. The liquid formula’s top application layer is white and velvety. As you turn the applicator, the liquid lipstick oozes out. It’s a rich pigment with a velvet texture. The lipstick is long wear and doesn’t dry up quickly.

There are 14 shades in the range with each one with a price tag of $37. The super comfortable formula comes in the following shades (tally each shade with the swatches shared below):

  • 100 – Nude Tweed
  • 101 – Nude Cachermire
  • 106 – Nude Taffetas
  • 107 – Nude Velour
  • 202 – Rose Flanelle
  • 203 – Rose Jersey
  • 204 – Fuchsia Angora
  • 205 – Corail Popline
  • 306 – Orange Plumetis
  • 308 – Rouge Mohair
  • 309 – L’lnterdit
  • 410 – Rouge Suedine
  • 411 – Framboise Charmeuse
  • 412 – Grenat
Le Rouge Liquid Lipsticks


In addition to the Le Rouge Liquid Lipstick, there is more good news. For one, there is a new collaboration highlighter coming out soon at Sephora. These are the product of Artist Couture’s hard work and musings with Jackie Aina. The Diamond Glow Highlighters are for $28 each. These shades are:

  • La Bronze: a rose-gold hue with copper base and a touch of opalescent gold with shimmering pearls
  • La Peach: a neutral peach base with opalescent shimmery pearls in gold

Secondly, there is a new eyeshadow palette by Nabla Cosmetics coming soon. It’s called Soul Blooming and it is a part of a complete collection for Spring/Summer. It will be up for grabs on May 3. The palette will have 4 new shades.