Believing in the mantra that prevention is better than cure is one of the best that you can ever adhere to. It works well for all health conditions including working to lower your risk of developing breast cancer.

Researchers of a recent study have come to find that diet has a close association with breast cancer. Study authors suggest, “We were surprised that diet directly influenced microbiome outside of the intestinal tract in sites such as the mammary gland.”

Starting from the basics, the mammary gland also harbor a microbiome such as the one present in your gut. The microbiome is easily influenced by your diet. Essentially, the microbiome is a collection of friendly and harmful bacteria.

However, a healthy microbiome is the one where the population of the good bacteria outweighs the population of the harmful bacteria. Diet is one of the chief factors that can impact the population of a microbiome.

As per the research that we are talking about, researchers fed one group of female monkeys with a high-fat based western diet and another group was given the Mediterranean diet. The results showed that the subject that had a Mediterranean diet showed a declined risk of breast cancer.

This is because such a group of monkeys had ten times more mammary gland Lactobacillus. These bacteria are known to slow the growth in breast tumors. Therefore, by having a significant number of Lactobacillus, one can fight the risk of breast cancer. It is also pertinent to note that cancerous breast tumors have lower amounts of Lactobacillus than noncancerous breast tumors.

So how does the Mediterranean diet tie up to all of this? This is because the meal plan is based on whole grains and plants. These support the microbiome population in the mammary glands. In contrast, the high-fat Western diet is full of refined grains, white breads, processed and prepackages foods.

These disturb the microbiome composition, which lowers the number of Lactobacillus. Subsequently, this lowers the odds of developing breast cancer.